Hair Shedding Vs Hair Loss: Am I Losing My Hair, And How Can I Tell?

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you. I was just beginning to wonder was I losing
    hair because I leave my braids in for 2 weeks to a month 

  2. Omg I really need to see this video cause even when I part my hair or wash
    it, It be so much hair coming out. All I do Is wear a afro or define my
    curls that’s It. I be freaking out! Thanks so much! Btw I do have thin hair
    but It’s also curly and also very dry! I don’t have patches of hair coming
    out or thinning at my hair line so that’s a good thing. Thank you once
    again! +Breanna Rutter 

  3. Very very helpful video, thanks so much! I was wondering the same thing
    about my shedding cause im transitioning and i haven’t cut off all my
    permed hair yet so the roots are extra course but the rest is very straight
    and it growing but with a lot of shedding. I still have some concerns but
    at least I know a process of elimination. Thanks again

  4. I have been braiding my hair for 10 months and now I am experiencing
    shedding should I just go back to relaxing ? 

  5. What about if you are losing long strands and you have an relaxer! No
    changes ln medication! Ant suggestions

  6. I went natural two years ago and I did transitional from relax hair. I did
    this because I had a bald spot and it seems as hair is growing and then
    again it seem like it is not. Do you have any suggestion to what I should

  7. I’m not sure if you maid a video of this but can you show us how to keep
    hair from not geting frizzy

  8. This is exactly what I was told by my doctor. I am taking the vitamins for
    my hair, Hairfinity. I was taking two a day as directed. Conditioning,
    protecting, and clipping my ends as I should. I noticed growth but I was
    losing so much hair, I thought at first it was just normal shedding on this
    product, but every time I would put my hands in my hair…every time!, I
    would have hair in it. After a protective style it was worse! I didn’t have
    thinning anywhere, my edges were great, but I was constantly losing
    hair…..crazy. My Dr explained that it was the high volume of vitamins I
    was taking in. I drink 32oz. of veggie/fruit smoothie a day, I was taking a
    One Day Vitamin for Women, and Hairfinity. So I stopped the One A Day.
    Still no change. I only take two Hairfinity vitamins every other day and
    one on the alternate days, that seems to be working, I’m back to the 80-100
    or so stands. 

  9. I wear yarn braids and yarn locs. I have videos on my page of how to do
    them and my process. But I keep my braids in for 2-3 months. I also put
    products in it to keep it mosturize. Is that good or bad that I keep them
    in that long?

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