Hairfinity Works (Hair loss update) | Why I WON’T use it (2014)

I was using Hairfinity for 3 weeks & I discovered 2 things. 1- It does work & 2- something else. Find out what happened now! The main goal for using Hairfini…

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  1. oo noo dag smh those hairfinity im scared to use them cuz im not about the
    acne life smh i know i may or may not get pimples but dont want to take a
    chance lol thank you for sharing your experience 🙂 xoxo

  2. I tried it once before a long time ago….forgot why I stopped. My sister
    gave me some to try and I broke out horribly all over and itched like
    crazy! What a reminder lol. People say drink tons of water due to the
    excessive amount of biotin in it. As for me I think I will look elsewhere.
    But congrats to those that have been successful with the product 😉 

  3. I’m allergic to a ton of things myself and I just ordered my own bottle of
    Hairfinity. I hope I’m not allergic to the mixed components or individual
    ingredients. But sorry that happened to you. I know you love experimenting
    with new things and products for your hair. Hopefully you will find
    something else that you’re not allergic to. Best wishes in your continuing
    hair journey!

  4. I saw a hairfinity review bout 2-3 wks ago and the girl (LetsCLexie) was
    sayin something bout she had alot of shedding (or breakage) after it seemed
    like it was doing wat it was suppose to do. but that product seems to have
    some neg side effects tho, I guess we have to do it the old fashion way and
    wait for mother nature to takes its course in and on our bodies wit the
    right/proper help of good nutrition…It int easy but it’s worth it

  5. @Jasmine Florence- Thank you for sharing. You are right! I also have not
    heard anything negative about this product. I will do some more research
    and decided if I should give it a try. It’s always nice to have smart
    ladies come on here leaving awesome suggestions! Have an amazing day and
    write anytime! :)

  6. I wanted so bad for this product to work for me BUT my results were the
    same. My skin was horribly itchy and my eyes puffed up. The allergic
    reaction was horrible and it was only 1 pill a day for 3 days.

  7. I’ve been watching your video’s and love each one, but having looked over
    53 of them. You haven’t shown your Alopecia, has your hair grown from all
    that you have done? Keep the information coming, but show us the results…

  8. Wow I’m alergic to polyquats and mineral oil anything with sunflower seed
    oil in it 

  9. my goodness thank you so much for letting us know

  10. maybe its something your allergic to because hairinfity has BIOTIIN in it
    its prob one of the ingredients ur allergic to 

  11. I also had a weird reaction to hairfinity. I started using “Skin, Nails &
    Hair – MegaFood” which is a vitamin made from food sources (not synthetic)
    and i’ve been doing good on that so far. It’s all organic and all that good
    stuff. Worth a shot.

  12. oh correction, you aren’t using it anymore lol that’s crazy the reaction
    you had

  13. Thank you for sharing, I have the same issue in the back of my hair and it
    get quite frustrating. I know it grows but at a very slow pace but would
    like to know how to grow my hair. When I was pregnant with my daughter it
    grew about and inch and then after I had her it broke off again. What show
    I do?

  14. HairFinity has an enormous amount of Vitamin A, over 8000 IUs. That may
    have been what you were reacting to. Try Andrew Lessman’s Healthy Hair
    Skin and Nails (I don’t sell it and I am not connected with them). It only
    has 1000 IUs of Vitamin A and the rest of the vitamins are about the same
    of HairFinity. BUT Healthy Hair Skin and Nails has no additives of any
    kind. NO soy, wheat, milk, corn, binders, fillers, preservatives or a lot
    of other things that people commonly have allergic reactions to. I am
    allergic to a lot of things and I have not had a problem with this brand in
    general or this product. Also, and most important to most of you, I now
    have a head full of fairly long (past my collar) hair, my sideburn hair
    reaches my collar bone and my very bottom neck hair is long, 6 in” when it
    has been a stubby city for most of my life. Using all natural hair
    products, hair vitamins in general and strict use of the Komaza Hair Care
    products has filled in my patches and horribly thinning crown hair. It was
    bad but not anymore. Oh yea, almost forgot, I have 4b/4c hair and you know
    we are length challenged. I hope this helps.

  15. Omg…welp glad i didnt invest in that product because i break out from
    Btw love your gap ♡

  16. Hair Infinity isn’t a bad product. Your eye swollen because your allergic
    to something they made with the pills. Every meds / pills have side effects
    towards everyone , you just have to know what to use or take.

  17. I had a adverse drug effect to hairfinity after taking two vitamins smh put
    me in the hospitals twice so i will be sending them bk Monday 

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