Hairstyle For Bald and Balding Men: Tips To Love Your Look

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  1. Wearing glasses to accessorize baldness? Yeah sounds good, how about
    getting braces as well so you look like a complete loser

  2. Why provoke a non-existent myth? God doesn’t exist. Stick to dealing with
    being bald.

  3. My dads just starting to go bald at 48 I’m 17 and my hairline is rededing a
    bit (no noticable unless you look close) but I think it’ll just stay where
    it’s athopefully

  4. Have to say, I’m impressed with the facial hair trick. Where my eyes had
    gone immediately to the head on the bald/no facial hair pictures, as soon
    as the facial hair was added, my eyes looked straight into the eyes of the
    guys with facial hair. Just shows what a little bit of morning laziness
    (not shaving) can do!

  5. Hi-can’t you lower/vary the pitch of your voice? It’s in need of modulation
    to let some natural dips and softening shape what your saying, and in turn
    make you a speaker people *enjoy* listening to. Politicians are carefully
    schooled in this, just listen to one of their speeches and you will clearly
    *hear* what I mean…

  6. Alpha m. should be required viewing for all men , young and old. Great
    work, keep it up! 

  7. People usually say that washing your hair too often causes hair loss. Well
    let me tell you that me and my father have been washing our hair on a daily
    basis for like 15 years now and we’re still not bald.

  8. +FredleBelge Sorry for your hair loss mate. I suffer from it as well. I did
    shave my head a few months back, it looked alright on me, but now that I
    have grown my hair back a bit, people say it does look better. However, if
    my hair gets wet or when I’m standing under a lamp or so, you do see how
    thin it actually is, which sucks. I get depressed and sad as well over this
    shit. The thing is that you shouldn’t let it get the best of you. I have
    made some enormous progress in self acceptance in the last year. I can
    really recommend you that you start reading about psychology and maybe find
    a therapist, rather than worrying on how to get your hair back. Acceptance
    is the best way of dealing with hair loss. I know a guy who got burned in
    his face, leaving his face looking really bad. That dude is in a worse
    position than I am PHYSICALLY, yet he copes with it way better than I do
    with my hair loss, leaving him doing way better MENTALLY, which is the most
    important of course. That’s inspiring to me! Work on that shit man: SELF
    ACCEPTANCE. Good luck.

  9. I have a giant scar on my head from snowboarding. Good thing my dad still
    hasn’t gone bald and my grandpa never did (he had some of the greatest hair
    I’ve seen).

  10. I like to admit the first time I saw you I did not like what you do I
    said Wow this is too too much to take care of many things like a girl only
    girls do that as a man I dont need all of this . but after watching many
    of your videos ( that are somehow
    addicting ) I realized that what you present is solutions of problems in
    our dally life as thy seems to be small stuped thing they can ruin your
    day or a relationship or even your life and as a men we don’t make
    attention to it as you said once
    we don’t tend to take care to much of our ourselves and I add and because
    we have a bad education like myself that I was wrong judging you on what
    you do . you make a difference in people’s lives like mine you Encourages
    to do and change many things you are a hero you should have a school man !
    I want to see you giving courses to the gastronomy industry and having your
    own TV show .

  11. I was sick for the better part of a year with something called H-Pylori.
    Caused me to lose weight & made my thick hair turn brittle, thin and
    eventually start falling out. Not sure if it will come back as I return to
    optimal health but either way thanks for the tips.

  12. I started Balding at age 20(ish) I would strongly recommend everybody
    checking out a company like “His Hair Clinic” – Micro-Pigment Tattooing is
    the only REAL long term solution to Hair Loss (in my opinion). And no, I’m
    not related or affiliated with them!!!

  13. I had wicked curly hair, but not too long ago it started thinning, and
    still had plenty of hair to last a few more years. But I was obsessing over
    it way too much. So I bit the bullet and took an electric clipper with a
    #1 guard and I’ll never look back.
    The instant the clippers took the first bit of my hair off my confidence
    shot up, I knew I made a good decision.

    About 40% of the people don’t like my new look but thats their problem. 

  14. Hair started thinning by 22
    23 years old and my scalp is visible.
    God I’m still pissed off, but I know that their is nothing I can do about

  15. Great video Alpha, I always enjoy your videos; I started balding at age 19,
    by 21 I had embraced it; I decided that I was not going to spend the rest
    of my life taking pills or rubbing lotions to re-grow little hair.
    Something I have learned through out the years (and it is missing in this
    video), Is that Bald men HAVE TO KEEP THEIR HEADS COVERED; We don’t have
    that extra layer of protection on top, so we need to use sunblock and hats,
    otherwise we will get sunburn, skin cancer, sun-spots on our head; We also
    have to keep the head moisturized. Maybe you can make a follow up video
    addressing the “CARE OF A BALD HEAD” and save the hair product plug for an
    “all about hair” video. Keep up the good work

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