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  1. tol hindi avail yan sa pinas pero pede mong i-order tru net madali lang

  2. Worked great for me! Had amazing hair growth results! But use it with a
    good shampoo with 1% or 2% (ketoconazole) which has been clinically proven
    to inhibit the effects of D.H.T which has a major play in hair loss. Also
    studies have shown that the compound (ketoconazole) has had results in hair
    regrowth which makes this shampoo extremely important. Names of shampoo
    with (ketoconazole) is regenepure and nizoral,revita. The people’s choice
    seems to be regenepure.

  3. What if a person is totally bald, can this still be effective? In addition,
    is it okay to cover the head with a hat/cap/bonnet?

  4. Hey James, if u are completely bald it not looking good for you. But it
    depends on the timeline from the research I’ve done usually within 5 years
    theirs still a chance because the hair follicle will shrink smaller and
    smaller until it totally disappears and dies and minoxidil cannot
    revitalize the hair follicle if its dead. And yes you can wear a hat and
    look into a shampoo that contains (ketoconazole) which inhibits D.H.T on
    the scalp which plays a major factor in loss.

  5. To stop hair loss it takes minoxidil,Propecia,ketconoazole shampoo which
    are D.H.T blockers and saw palmetto.

  6. Shampoo must contain the active ingredient (ketconoazole) to be effective
    in hair loss and regrowth! And if u are wondering Argan life shampoo DOES
    NOT contain the active ingredient (ketconoazole) enough said!!!! Best of

  7. I read many superb opinions on the internet about how exactly Zunhairex
    Secrets (do a search on google) will help you cure your hair loss and
    regrow it safely. Has any one tested out this popular hair loss home

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