HIS Hair Clinic – Andrew 2 Years Later Update – Hair Loss Treatment

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  1. i have alopecia since i was 13 now im 20 and i want to fly to usa this
    summer and do this treatment it look 100% like the real hair))

  2. The cost of the treatment is dependent on your degree of hair loss and if
    you have any hair transplant scars that need to be camouflaged. Have a look
    at our website for more details and send us an email for a quote

  3. He still looks bold but this time his scalp wont shine, and i agree with
    what some else said his hair line is too perfect, but if he feel good then
    that’s all that matters.

  4. It’s not a tattoo in the tradition sense, as Micro ScalpPigmentation
    involves using a different type of ink and the depth at which is it
    deposited, For a more in-depth details take a look at our website under the
    following section: FAQS > Knoweledgebase > Pigments and Pigmentation

  5. We do not have a clinic in Devon. The nearest clinic to you would be our
    Birmingham clinic, followed by our London clinic.

  6. Great treatment for men with alopecia who don’t have transplants as an

  7. This is a very common question. SMP is a long term solution, and it is
    inevitable that many of our clients are likely to experience greying of
    their real hair in the future. Because you keep your hair short following
    your treatment, this is not a problem. We are able to blend and retouch
    your treatment if necessary as time passes, to ensure that the treated area
    blends naturally with your remaining real hair. This will require
    additional treatment sessions in the future

  8. Hi, I really want to have this treatment done, since im pretty sad about my
    hair situation. Do you have some kind of paymentplan to pay for it, or is
    the only way to pay full amount at once?

  9. Unfortunately we do not offer any finance deals therefore the only option
    is to pay for the treatment at the time. Some clients do save up for the
    treatment, others who do not want to save up and wait, opt to get finance
    from alternative sources like their banks or credit card

  10. Hairlines can be made to look more natural now with the “soft” or “jagged”

  11. Dude yea it is like a tattoo type of thing like wow man open up your mind

  12. @ Karen..you’re shaving u r head w/ this type treatment…so ur not going
    to see any gray and/or white hair…most blondes have a grayish or silver
    tint @ the root base anyhow…not to speak for HIS but I b lieve silver and
    gray can b added as well :)

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