HIS Hair Clinic – Gael’s Male Pattern Baldness Hair Loss Story (before)

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  1. I am really interested in this and it looks great but you can see they use
    different lighting, so it looks better after.

  2. If you live near any of our clinics worldwide, then pop in and see it being
    performed in person and then you can actually see what it looks like in
    real life. Everyone who posts on the forum say that the treatment looks
    much better in person than in any pictures or videos online.

  3. All of our practioneers undergo the same training regime at our Birmingham
    training academy in the UK. If you have a look at our forum you will be
    able to read first hand and see pictures posted by clients all over the
    world who have been treated by different practioneers in the UK and the US
    (as well as other parts of the world)

  4. A guy I have worked next to for only 3 weeks as of today and he just told
    me about the work he had done at His Hair so, I am here checking out the
    product. I honestly thought my co-worker just shaved his head. He told me
    all about the process and how great he feels today. The job they did for
    him is so natural looking and when he told me what he had done and where it
    was done, I was just beside myself. I cannot afford to do this right away
    but, in the very near future I hope to have the finances to look into it.
    Like I said, my coworker did me a big favor by letting me in on this; I
    will definitely be considering having this process done to my own head. To
    me he is living and walking testimony to this product / process. Thanks,

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