Ho Shou Wu for Reversing Hair Loss/Color. Sexual libido, Deep energy restoration & Longevity

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Hair regrowth expert


  1. how come you dont drink the he shou wu as a tea? I get mine in a powder
    from Hyperion herbs at 16:1 and put it in 8oz of warm water as the package
    says, but i want to make sure i’m doing it correctly. it seems like you’ve
    been taking it for awhile. how do you take it exactly, how much and in what
    Thanks very informative video!

  2. You say that he shou wu has 42mg per 100g, but usual doses are nowhere near
    100g? Sure, you can eat a 100g beef steak and get about 10mg of zinc (or
    whatever), but he shou wu is dosed by the teaspoon (5g at most?). I guess
    it depends on how powerful your extract is.

  3. Thank you for your knowledge. My best friend wants to know how this herb
    helps women as they mature tru the perimanipausal stage.
    Thank you for your reply.

  4. Thanks for the information, Owen. I actually would like to hear about how
    the herb affects you personally(???)

  5. Another great formula I’m sure you’d be interested in!
    Rejuvenate Herbal Formula! For Adrenals and Replenishing Jing

  6. I live in Canada. I’m looking for a way to slow or stop premature greying.
    So I came across Ho Shou wu and thought well Truth recommends this stuff so
    I might as well give it a shot!

  7. TBH – Respectfully, I find the man in the whole story pretty farfetched
    lol. But that would be awesome. 

  8. Great Video. Your giggles throughout are adorable! God Bless Owen, stay
    well my friend.

  9. i have some of herb how do you prepare it? do you boil it ?how many

  10. This is the good stuff, “prepared” ho shou wu!!!! I will get it when i

  11. You’re so knowledgeable, and very pleasant! Thank you for making these

  12. Great and informative post bro …Could you tell me the best method of
    ingestion in your opinion and the reasons for your approach ? I’ve heard
    conflicting information on this perspective …cheers bro :)

  13. I dont like to drink it .. csn u tell me how i can used for my hair ..

  14. my grandmother used to have recurring headaches when she was in her 40s
    until someone recommended this herb to her. After drinking the boiled herb
    for a period of time, her recurring headache was cured.
    She started to drink it on a regular basis & she lived till the
    ripe age of 93.
    She still had grey hairs in her final years but it was partially unlike
    many ppl her age who would have all white hair.

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