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  1. As oppose to adding water along with the other ingredients, can tea be

  2. Tks for sharing. I wud like to try dis.. Do you know any other hair pack
    which needs little time and ingredients. I mean short and quick. If yes,
    pls do share. Tks. Aarti

  3. actually Reetha is soap nut. It was used to wash hair & even wash delicate
    silks & woollens at home. My mom used to make us use that as children. If
    you use reetha in the pack, it usually washes out all oil from the hair. It
    actually lathers up when used by itself.

  4. @JerryBrown1502 u don’t need this…u are better off sticking with what ur
    corprations provide, pantene, suave, herbal essences, etc, Leave this
    “crap” for the poor blacks, whites, hispanics, Asians, U whites are the
    “chosen ones” so what works for the ordinary folks won’t work for u

  5. hii i m shraddha i want ur suggension ..which shamppo is gud for hair ..pls
    help mi

  6. She cracks an egg open like my grandma, not to mention her hands are very
    granny like.

  7. The ingredients for hair pack are : the mixture of Amla – Gooseberry.
    (phyllanthus emlica), Ritha called as Sapindus mukorossi and Shikakai
    powder now add 2-3 tsp. of curd to it and 1 egg. If you have dry hair you
    can add honey to the mixture. At-last add water and mix well. the
    proportion of the above ingredient could vary as per the length and volume
    of the hair. you have to apply this hair pack after applying herbal oil to
    your hair and keep it for 30 minutes or an hour. repeat once a week.

  8. Thank you Madam, Kya ham esme henna milasakte hai ? Our aapne mixtured me
    shehad dala usse baal white nahi honge ? Plz aap hame esske bareme
    batawo… 🙂

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