How to Cure Scalp Psoriasis Naturally! My Story 1 Year Later After Shaving My Head!

I hope this helps everybody who suffers from scalp psoriasis and body psoriasis! i’ve had a clear scalp now for almost a year! I struggled for 5 years before i found the “cure” ! I know there…

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  1. I’m so glad I found this video. I’ve been so close to shaving my head. I
    also have a skin picking problem so i pick at all the scales on my head,
    which i know is horrible, but i have so many scabs and it’s the worst it’s
    been. I cry because of how horrible my scalp is. But I am definitely
    throwing away all of my store bought shampoos and conditioners and trying
    this. I hope this works, I’m so sick of this itchy scalp, the constant
    flakes and picking

  2. I have had this problem for 5 yrs and was going to shave my head too. I
    have been to 4 dermatologist and have tried everything. Thank you so much
    for giving me hope in this daily struggle. No one understands and they tell
    me its nothing. I know have hope thanks to you. Thank you thank you thank
    you omg thankyou for sharing your tips. I cannot wait to have a clear scalp

  3. I cannot stress how thankful I am. I came across your video and you have
    definitely saved my scalp and hair. I too have psoriasis on my scalp. I
    purchased the hemp seed oil, apple cider vinegar and Dr. Bronner’s. I added
    avocado oil and tea tre oil to the treatment. My Hair feels heavenly and
    scalp is healing beautifully. Not to happy with the ACV (the smell) so I
    will hold off on that step. After one use it made a world of a difference.
    Thank You so very much!

  4. Hi Emily. I just wanted to say thank you! Two days ago I bought Dr.
    Bronners shampoo and Nizoral, and posted a previous comment about it, then
    you messaged me recommending hemp seed oil…I went to the store as soon as
    I saw that and bought it. I applied it last night, left it on for ten
    hours…today my scalp is 95% clear!!! In ONE treatment! YAY! I will keep
    applying the oil every so often to keep it clear! Just wanted to say thank
    you!! I’ve struggled for 5 years and NOTHING ever worked, until now! You’re
    a life saver! I literally LOVE you! lol thank you thank you thank you

  5. Hi! I came across this video looking for treatments for seborrheic
    dermatitis. I have recently tried coconut oil and felt it worked but only
    for a few days. i did it a few times. I was wondering why do you have to
    heat up the hemp oil?? What happens if you dont? Thank you so much for the
    advice. I know its not for the same thing but I will try anything. Maybe I
    need to use a different shampoo. Right now I am using Clear brand.

  6. Quick question and anyone can answer this who is dealing with psoriasis.
    Once the scales start falling off, do you continue to do the oil treatment,
    or just shampoo (or do the nizoral? Also when the scales are falling off is
    it safe or should I say to go ahead and peel them off, or leave them.
    Thanks everyone for your help

  7. I want to thank you so much for this scalp psoriasis cure or treatment
    whatever you want to call it my scalp was 100% cured in just 2 weeks but I
    saw immediate results in just 1 use of hemp seed oil along with the
    dr.bronners soap and the acv!!!! I would take like 1 hour showers before
    because I had to shampoo my scalp twice then put so much conditioner in my
    hair and comb my dry skin out it was so gross and time consuming now I take
    20 minute showers I am so happy with the results. I had been dealing with
    scalp psoriasis for about 15 years if not more I wish I would’ve found out
    about this sooner my hair wouldn’t be as damaged as it is now but with time
    I’m sure it will get better…..thank you so much!!!!!!!

  8. Hi Emily, thanks for sharing your story. I found some information that I
    felt broke new ground, and thought it might also interest you and the other
    people exploring treatment options here.

    Check out a documentary called “Run From The Cure” by Rick Simpson (58 mins
    approx). It discusses using Cannabis Oil as a medical treatment, and what
    conditions it can treat (Psoriasis is one). Also provides instruction on
    how to make it yourself, and has some interesting testimonials. Searching
    Cannabis Oil Psoriasis brings up more testimonials to explore, mostly from
    people who saw that documentary and tried it as a treatment.

    Something to note: there is a distinct difference between Hemp Oil and
    Cannabis Oil, so when you guys start exploring the subject keep an eye out
    for a “blurring of the lines”. Hemp Oil is made from pressed seeds. It
    contains no THC or CBD and is legal everywhere. Cannabis Oil on the other
    hand is made from the pressed plant material and the oil contains THC and
    CBD, which means it’s classified as a controlled substance, only legal in
    some areas for Medical reasons.

    This is obviously the Medical Marijuana debate that has been gaining
    momentum in recent years, and it’s important to take away that Hemp Oil,
    however useful in it’s own right, shouldn’t piggy-back on the benefits of
    Cannabis Oil as Medical Marijuana, because it’s the CBD and THC that is the
    critical healing ingredient.

    Good luck ;)

  9. Hi Emily. Thanks so much for your video. My son has mild scalp psoriasis,
    and I started doing this treatment on him this week. I’m finding that there
    are no scales in the morning after washing his hair, however the redness is
    still there. We are only 4 days into the treatment (done it twice). Can you
    tell me if the redness went away right away for you or did it take some

  10. Hi Emely, I’m amaze by your transformation, just had to say it. I’m a 22
    male with I would mid-seborrhea dermatitis problem. I noticed every since I
    started using gel, my scalp would be extremely itchy. I tried Sensun Blue
    and it kind of worked for me, but then again I started using gel again
    (Axe) and the itching and dandruff came back. Now Sensun Blue doesn’t even
    work no more. I mean I could literally spend hours scraping my scalp taking
    up little pieces of dry skin (with hair sometimes), not to mention every
    time I touch my hair back dandruff flakes drop all over the place. I now
    noticed my eyebrows are expericing dandruff as well and quite frankly I
    don’t even know how to go about that. People said baby lotion would help
    with that. I’m afraid I might loose hair along with this. I’m really stress
    about this. I mean my scalp is very dry but not red or irritated. I have
    done some research and read upon similar cases and they mostly recommend
    Nizoral or T-Sal/T-Gel by Neutrogena. Perhaps maybe both (Nizoral and
    T-Sal) and switch skipping a day. What would you recommend I should do ?
    I’m beyond stress and annoy with this. Thank you so much. 

  11. I need help DESPERATELY! I’m not sure if i have this but since the start of
    the year i have all this flaky oily skin underneath my eyebrows its driving
    me crazy. It’s making my eyebrows fall out and some days i lose up to 10
    hairs (it all adds up). There’s literally so much skin that builds up
    underneath my eyebrows its ruining my life. Can anyone help me?

  12. Hey Emily, I just wanted you to know that this is the only thing that has
    ever worked for me. Thank you for putting this video up and being so
    forward. Best wishes

  13. Have you ever considered that your scalp issues could come as an allergic
    reaction from something? Have heard that anti-allergic tablets can help,
    takeing away the redness and inflammation on the scalp? Maybe if It’s
    fungus the allergic reaction can come from that?

  14. Hi Emily Awesome video , I am getting stuff one by one as listed.
    Is it necessary to refrigerate the hemp oil ?
    I got dr bronners soap and not the shampoo. Is it OK?
    What should we do with apple cider vinegar I couldnt get ACVs role and when
    it should be applied.
    Is it necessary to shave off the head before starting this treatment ?

  15. At least your on to the natural healing path, so important if you want
    to stay healthy. One suggestion you might consider, when the body needs to
    get rid of poisons within, it will remove them by any means necessary,
    including through the skin. Acidic conditions within, mean skin conditions
    outside. Change your diet to lots of greens and fruit, and stay away from
    white sugar and flour. Also, most womens cosmetics unless 100% organic,
    contain toxins, toxins are not good for skin conditions

  16. i’d just like to say what has worked wonders for me personally, without
    trying to piss over your video, rather to be helpful to anyone.

    get ready for it…………………. washing hair and face


    yup. warm to hot water in the shower. no shampoos, no conditioner, no
    natural products. just water.
    i have a basic cheap shower filter to soften the water a bit, but that’s
    basically it.
    i have no routine, i listen to my scalp and body. if i feel a bit itchy ill
    just wash it again, which is usually every 4 or 5 days for me, sometimes

    the fact is, when you strip the natural oils out of your hair your scalp
    knows this and attempts to build it all back up excessively. you have to
    let nature kind of take care of itself.
    the shorter your hair the easier this will be i think. and now and again
    ill run a comb over the scalp before or while i wash it.
    it feels greasy over the first few weeks, not unpleasant though. once it
    dries it feels soft and normal, in no way uncomfortable and doesn’t ever
    smell or look like shit.

    its really that simple.
    would be interesting to know if it works for anyone else if this vid
    doesn’t help.

    if your scalp does get dry at all as time goes on, slapping some cocoa
    butter on it i found is the best thing, for me anyway.

    so to summarize. get a shower filter unless your water is soft already. get
    some cocoa butter in case you need to moisturize scalp somewhere down the
    line (i do about every 2-3 weeks), then just listen to your scalp. that’s
    all. let the natural oils work their magic.

    as an extra ill say that my hair was thinning a bit on top. it has
    definitely improved 70%. wont show pics but just try it for self.

  17. ill say one more thing, i used to exfoliate my face with an exfoliater pad
    thing and some tea tree face wash. it clears the face up but just by
    washing it with water and inevitably getting oils from the scalp over it in
    the shower, it has calmed down all on its own accord. its as simple as
    water really. and again cocoa butter sparingly now and again, not daily if

  18. I\’m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to discover curing psoriasis
    naturally try Megarno Psoriasis Magician (do a google search ) ? Ive heard
    some interesting things about it and my mate got great results with it. 

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