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Hair regrowth expert


  1. How is it toxic like wat does it cause n also did u know neem oil is n anti
    fungal oil as well so does that mean I can use neem oil 

  2. Please don’t say,” ignore my no-makeup face.” You never have to apologize
    for your appearance. We women are too hard on ourselves.

  3. Hi Farah, for someone who cannot find Kalonji oil do you recommend Castor
    oil for balding spots and thinning hair? 

  4. it doesnt thicken your hair does it bc i used this shampoo that made my
    hair really thick and i dont need it any thicker

  5. There is hadees of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that kolingi has cure of
    everything expect death 

  6. Did she say TOXIC? I don’t know how safe it is to voluntarily put toxins
    onto/ into your body…..

  7. Our Rasool said that black seed has cure for everything except death. This
    is our hadith from 1400 years ago. 

  8. Great video!! I use black Jamaican castor oil (that’s the name of the
    brand) it worked wonders!

  9. My mum will be mad when I buy this. She’s been trying to make me use this
    and take a teaspoon a day.

    I’ve refused as it tastes gross.

    Now she’ll tell me off and say “you’ll believe a youtube video, but not
    your own mother”

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