How to Grow Long Hair Fast! – Great for Hair that is Thinning!

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Hair regrowth expert


  1. not to sound racist in any way and sorry if I offended you but indian women
    really have nice hair, some of my moms friends are indian and their hair
    is gorgeous!

  2. great video.. also ladies visit my channel if you would like to grow grow
    your hair really quickly with a all natural organic vitamin.. blessing 

  3. I tried this and my hair looks awful after washing and styling it 🙁 really
    dry but with a greasy residue and im sure i washed the oil out properly. Is
    there any good way to wash the hair? do you shampoo and condition too?

  4. Idk if it’s just me but i feel like her voice doesn’t match her looks, she
    looks like those women who have a deeper kinda tone of voice d:

  5. Video on Black henna pleaaase!! or just henna for hair…I’d like to know
    if indigo (black henna) is good or bad for hair..

    Thanks! Love your channel

  6. First of all, Indian women tend to have longer & thicker hair so why
    pretend you have a problem. Biotin works wonder for a lot of people I have
    seen it from others if you are worried about thinning hair. She does not
    have problem with her hair she just want to post all these home remedies to
    get attention. BRAVO you should be nominated for best actress of what
    categories? I don’t know LOL

  7. What happens if you use to much peppermint oil?? And how much is too much?
    Anyone answer please, i’m seriously scared i’ll use too much and my hair
    end up falling out instead…

  8. I adore this video. Please post more hair videos. I love your works x

  9. some of ya’ll is just some haters maybe its not for everyone white people
    have different hair so ya’ll have to be very careful what you use!!!!!!

  10. I like that brush she is using. I have never seen that type of brush
    before. It’s pretty cool

  11. wow your voice doesnt suit your face, if you know what i mean!! ((but your

  12. lol her voice suits her just fine.. she is too cute.. i will try this for
    my daughter and myself.. thankyou very informative

  13. Can I mix almond oil and coconut oil with the peppermint essential oil ? 🙂
    will it work better or no ? 

  14. OMG thank you so much! i started doing this about a 2-3 weeks ago ( 3 times
    a week)and It used to be kind of thin, and 20 inches long. Now it is so
    much thicker and 25 inches long!!! Thank you so much!

  15. you are gorgeous even without makeup and have a lovely voice!
    Thank you for always sharing your tips and tricks for beautiful hair!

  16. Farah when you come your hair how much hair is supposed to fall out I get
    like a litttle ball of hair and sometimes when I run my fingers through my
    hair like 4 or 5 pieces come out!! Anybody please help. X

  17. Hello i just have question…i was born with thick hair but i bleached and
    it fall out…will it ever go back to my natural thick hair 

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