How to grow long hair faster

How to make hair grow faster and how to get long hair faster and how to grow hair long faster 🙂 I should have uploaded it last week but due to emergency in …

Hair regrowth expert


  1. I love how you say “break”! You have such nice hair and you are so pretty
    Love the Henna by the way! ^_^ 

  2. Iam having one doubt if we do twice a week ,wont its water go inside our
    head..For 45 mins ill keep on my head..is it k?

  3. Is it OK to use it on any time of hair which don’t matter what race u are
    from? Also can you use it one time in each month or one time in two months

  4. Is it okay to use just regular lemon juice from a bottle?

  5. Are you sure about that lemon is harmful for hair??
    I want a quick response Please!!

  6. your hand is geourgous
    and ive been doing this for 2 weeks and i grew 3 inches thank you
    btw i did it every other day

  7. Dont watch this video
    These are false and fake Videos which is used to destroy u !
    And what a useless video
    My hair is too small and i like it bcoz i’m a Man ! :p

  8. What the heak is on her hands……………. It disturbs me very much

  9. how to use this hair mask? can i use on dry hairs or fresh cleaned wet
    hairs this hair mask??????

  10. Does this work for any type of hair? I am of African descent so my hair is
    processed straight.

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