How to Preserve Natural Aloe Vera Homemade Shampoo (for Hair Growth & Treating Hair Loss) Pt 2 / 3

This NaturopathicControl video about Preserving Natural Homemade Aloe Vera Shampoo is a Q&A about 3 Preservation options. It is the second part to the instru…

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  1. you know how much it cost to get that plant. how do i make these things at
    a low cost ?

  2. The instructional video re ‘How to make the shampoo’ is part 1 to this
    video. There is a direct link to part 1 within the first few seconds of
    this video ( @0:17.3 ).

  3. The cost of getting the plant will vary so much based on things like your
    location and time of year. Try a plant store in your area. If you’re in a
    temperate climate, you might need to buy the plant during the warmer months
    and then keep it indoors during the winter when getting it might be hard.
    The plant and a blender will be the most costly investment in this. If you
    comfortable sharing the information, post your location as a comment to get
    suggestions from others (and or me).

  4. thank you so much for this video. I make my own hair products and i was
    looking for diy shampoo that has pH 4.5 to 5.5 and has lathering
    properties. thanks.

  5. With pleasure. Trust that you have seen the part 1 of 2 with the actual
    instructions. The link is in the description and in the first few minutes
    of this video. BTW, since this shampoo does not have the foaming chemical,
    SLS that consumers have grown so used to, the lather will not be as much as
    with commercial shampoos. In that case, consider using less water to make
    the shampoo if need be. Share your experiences.

  6. Hello, I tend to buy mind in powder form from the pharmacy. In my area,
    they do not usually sell it as one of their products and usually tell
    people that they do not have any for sale. This is because they use it to
    make preparations. However, if you speak to the pharmacist, (s)he may sell
    you some quite cheaply. Make sure that the powder is clear white and not
    turning creamy yellow or yellow (a sign of oxidation). Keep in touch. Let’s
    know how it turns out.

  7. How many times the Aloe Vera shampoo lasts if I add citric acid or Rosemary
    oil? Thanks

  8. That may depend on several variables (like quantities, exposure to oxygen,
    whether the water is filtered, whether you also put it in the refrigerator,
    etc). However, if you are very careful, you might be able to keep it for a
    month or so. I’ve been experimenting with some vit C in a small container.
    It has not turned color and it’s been 5 months. However, that might also be
    due to the fact that I only opened it once.

  9. See my first response to your question below. Let us know. I would love to
    know how long it lasted and under what conditions. Take care, Miss C

  10. Helpful video! Does this preservation method also works with natural
    homemade aloe vera juice or gel? And is there a time limit for how logn it
    will last? Thank you for your time!

  11. Yes, these methods should use fine for natural homemade aloe vera juice or
    gel. Regarding the time frame, that is dependent on many variables like
    whether or not you refrigerate it or not, storage, kind of container and
    exposure to oxygen, whether water is contaminated or not and so on. You may
    need to experiment a bit. Please let me know how long it lasted for you and
    how you managed the variables mentioned. Take care!

  12. You don’t seem to have mentioned that the main reason for preserving your
    shampoo is to prevent/slow down microbial growth. This is far more of a
    health issue than oxidisation. Your mixture may or may not look oxidised,
    but you won’t know how much bacterial growth is in it. Ditto mould,
    although that would become visible eventually. I’ve researched the whole
    preserving thing in great detail and you need some fairly nasty chemicals
    to keep for any longer than a few days. How about freezing?

  13. thanks for sharing. good tips, I’ll try this shampoo. btw, what’s the name
    of the background music? sounds very relaxing.

  14. Is grapefruit seed extract a suitable preservative for this shampoo?

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