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  1. Hello tlvailco! I just watched your video (although you might adjust the
    volume for the next video as this one was barely audible) and I appreciate
    your video response. I have decided to keep a low style for now but may
    consider revisiting the long hair challenge someday.

  2. what happens if you stop using all of those things. will all your hair
    completely fall off. thats a lot of work to do if you have to do it the
    rest of your life.

  3. @THE16THPHANTOM I am a little worried about what will happen if I stop,,,
    but it’s really not that much of a pain to do. I am slowly tapering off on
    some things. I will keep up with the shampoo, conditioner and vitiamins,,
    that is easy. As for the laser comb, I do that every now and again. I will
    keep notice of any and all changes that happen with time,,, i will never
    let it get to the point where I am losing my hair again!! Whatever it
    takes! XO

  4. do you think your hair came back mainly on its own though? or do you think
    it really was the different products. I dont’ want to take drugs or put
    stuff on my head, im considering that comb. what do you think?

  5. @nmcvicker03 It is not coming back on it’s own 🙁 I still believe that
    everything I do helps, I like the comb and when I stopped using it (for a
    month) I noticed hair falling out again. Good luck XO

  6. @NickiKawaii I would say it took about 6 weeks to really start seeing the
    results. It is a very slow process but worth it at the end. My hair is very
    full and healthy now, I’m just waiting on getting my length back 🙂 Oh, and
    I want to add,,,, My hair fell out no more or less for those first 6 weeks.
    So it is very much like waiting for a huge pot of water to boil. XO

  7. i’m 16, my hair is damaged by heat! my hair use to be thick and when ever i
    had a hair cut, it use to grow back really quick! for the past 18 month or
    more, my hair has become thin an ugly! an doesn’t grow!! its been freaking
    me out and i’m starting to lose hair, which made me depressed!! my mum
    suggested that i should shave my head!! but people tell me my hair isn’t
    damaged when it is!! -.- i started putting hair oil! which i think isn’t

  8. Hey, appreciate your detailed review on these products you’ve mentioned,
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  10. That laser comb gets kinda low ratings on amazon. It’s so pricey. I use
    coconut oil on my hair. I have touse a dandruff shampoo, so I can’t go
    organic. I may start to take the folic acid pills like you advise. I
    already take Biotin pills. I’ve heard that Rogaine for women can greatly
    increase dandruff, so I’m afraid to use it.

  11. When your hair was growing back did u ever notice that you were losing some
    of your new growth too?

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    will enjoy a more youthful strong hair.

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