I grew back my balding crown in 30 Days NATURALLY!

http://astore.amazon.com/shiva095-20 http://www.facebook.com/shalenadiva I show you how I grew back my balding crown back in 30 days naturally! I include tip…

Hair regrowth expert


  1. tea tree oil is also helpful to put on the scalp. used to be in some
    shampoos.. but was taken out for some reason.. probably because its
    expensive to produce in shampoos.

  2. You said you weren’t going to use ALL these things and become obsessed with
    your hair but you just listed ingredients on and on and on! 

  3. I had to begin wearing my hair natural, due to alopecia areata, and it’s
    the best decision I ever made. I use only natural oils and shampoos on my
    hair. The hair follicles are slowly beginning to regrow.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences! I’m slightly obsessed with
    hair growth and your views on vitamins really make sense. Will be more
    mindful from now on. 

  5. Thank you so much for your videos, I have been natural for 5 years and was
    about to give up till i started watching your videos. Ms. Shalena I thank
    God for you and your stay encouraged and be bless…keep the videos

  6. You think this will help a male with thinning at the crown?

  7. Wowwwwwwww! The first tip…PRAY!!!! I loved it! I totally agree! Take
    better care but keep God first. “Don’t make your hair a god.” You are so
    right. That was the best thing I’ve heard on a hair care video on youtube
    and I’ve watched DOZEN AND DOZENS!!! Great video! :)

  8. I just watched your video on growing crown area, awesome video. What would
    you recommended to use in place of the hairinfinity vitamins I also take
    multivitamins as well.

  9. Bottom line. There is absolutely no way to regrow hair! Once an area is
    dead it’s gone. The only solution is a qualified hair transplant from a
    reputable doctor. Believe me, I wanted to believe these con artist’s all
    over the internet and television selling hope to the desperate and
    hopeless. I did Rogaine for 3.5 yrs. A total scam and misleading lie, it
    actually thins your hair out by speeding up the shedding process and then
    regrowing less each androgen cycle. You end up with thin sparsely populated
    areas of short curly, frail hair, similar to pubic hair. All the while the
    chat rooms and the products string you along with false hope that “it’s
    about to get better any day now if I just keep it up.” Fucking poison is
    what it is.
    This low level light craze may have some sort of positive effect by
    follicle stimulation, etc. but the bottom line is -It’s not going to regrow
    your hair because nothing does. Once it’s gone, it’s gone! Hair transplants
    are the only 100% proven method of hair restoration. If your hair has
    stopped growing in certain areas without a hair transplant’s gone for good..

  10. i don’t mind you having a balding crown baby i just wanna marry you so we
    can produce some beautiful kids like the beautiful queen you are

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