INDIAN HAIR GROWTH SECRETS (Night Routine) How to grow Long Hair Fast Tutorial

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  1. The real “secret” to why Indians have great hair is 99.9% genetics. If
    you’re a thin haired blonde with wispy hair you can do this until the cows
    come home and NEVER have thick, long hair like Indian women. 

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us, but it is really not healty to wash
    your hair every single day. She may have massive long hair, but if you
    look closely you see it’s really dry at the ends

  3. There are a lot more reasons.
    1. They don’t eat red meat (contains testosterone and causes male hair loss
    2. They drink fennel in their tea , natural plant oestrogen (female
    3. They do head massages to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles.
    4. They plait it so they have less breakage/ tangles.
    5. Take iron tablets. 

  4. Do not wash your hair everyday!!!! Youre going to ruin your hair.

  5. Ok so, a lot of people keep saying, DONT WASH YOUR HAIR EVERYNIGHT OMG OMG
    OMG!!!!! This is only the case if u don’t put EXTRA oil in it!!!!! With all
    the extra added oils to ur hair IT WILL BE OKAY!!!! Just don’t your hair
    every day if there is no added oils in it!!! Hope this helps!

  6. Hey there
    I absolutely love this tutorial I have seen an amazing difference with my
    hair. I use amla oil with the Jasmine/coconut oil . My hair feels a lot
    thicker,it looks really healthy and shiney. Its also really strong. I feel
    so confident with it

  7. is that ur hair should be damp or wet when u apply this oils on ur hair ..
    or must use it when dry??? and must work towel for sleep .. what the
    function?? it is work for warm a hair a bit when use towel??

  8. Wrap your hair in a tee shirt!!! Because if you put a towel on your hair it
    will cause frizz and will look disgusting always use something silky or
    very soft for your hair 

  9. Hey…. I am an indian too….. I love my long hair and just like to say
    that from my experience with my past the person in the photo does have
    split ends….

  10. i bought some of the Jasmine coconut oil and i used it once i do like it
    but i dont wash my hair everyday is that ok?

  11. The real “secret” is genetics. Most people are selling you a “dream”. Same
    as with weight loss products. Yes there are some things you can do to make
    hair healthy but if there were any real hair growing products, they’d be so
    expensive and hard to get. I love the indian women’s long beautiful hair,
    but I feel it is a genetic feature and does not come in a bottle or tablet.

  12. Does it mater witch oil you use because I am highly allergic to jasmine oil

  13. Hi , i have my hair right on my shoulders but i want to grow it faster ..
    do you think this would work with another oil ? 

  14. dang it…my hair I SWEAR TO HEAVENLY FATHER ABOVE will.not.grow. no matter
    what I use and you have got to SEE how long I want my hair because
    currently if you braid ALL my hair it will only do TWO and I want my hair
    to do like…20 or 10 braids :P

  15. The first time I use coconut oil it worked but I think my hair got use to
    it lol

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