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  1. Joe got the old school procedure. They have a newer procedure now that’s
    better. Also less than 1% of propecia users get permanent side effects. Not
    sure if Joe tried it or just became scared from all the talk. Read actual
    scientific studies.

  2. The thing that does help is scalp massage. There’s actually an E-book for
    like 20 bucks that helps you naturally regain it. My friend has gotten back
    alot off his hair, 3 months ago he had almost none, now he looks like he’s
    20 or some shit. It really does help. Transplants and laser transplants is
    BS, keep your head stimulated with blood flow and it will never fall out.

  3. Listen to Joe. Hair Transplants suck for 99.999% of the people who have got

  4. Joe said it, I myself am turning 26 in 6 months. Won’t go down the
    transplant route for that reason mentioned in this video… Already shaved
    my head and I look like shit. Looks like all I can do is try one of those
    hair pieces like George Costanza has. If that doesnt work than I’m
    fucked…. Hopefully a better solution comes out very soon because Propecia
    gives you irreversible limp dick and Rogaine just doesnt work.

  5. In case anyone’s wondering who the cute chick is , her name is Abby Martin.
    She shot to fame doing a stupid stunt in RT.

  6. He did his transplants back when they were much less successful. He
    essentially just started too soon in fixing his problem, per se. 

  7. There’s pluses and minuses in life, i’m 6ft 1. Handsome with full thick fun
    gel/hair spray pool party beach wavy hair. But i’m broke for the time
    being. Then u got millionaires who are opposite of me and bald headed by
    20yrs old wishing they had my healthy thickness hair.

  8. Holla! Have you considered – American Unisex Hair Growth Plan (google it)?
    Ive heard some awesome things about it and many men and women} got great
    experience with it. 

  9. Propecia causes IRREVERSIBLE IMPOTENCE in most men !!
    Avoid that fucking drug at all costs ! Also don’t fall for the BULLSHlT
    COMMENTS being posted by Merck employees. Just shave head for hairloss !

  10. leave your hair long from a young age, brush it often & take care of it &
    you’re less likely to go bald. male pattern baldness = has to do with the
    way you sleep. you sleep at night and the areas that get naturally massaged
    nightly are the sides and back of your head. 

  11. Im 22 and I’m a bald ginger, im pale, barely have eyebrows, and have a
    huge head, and lets just say my days with the girls are over, Girls will
    always want a guy with a full of head of hair then not… ALWAYS!

  12. If you’re a rich celebrity like Joe Rogan hair loss doesn’t matter. If
    you’re not then people will judge you how you look and being bald is a
    cosmetic defect.

  13. Joe had his experience, it all depends, I did every procedure you can think
    of over 35 years, plugs, 1-5 hair grafts, strip grafts, Frechet scalp
    stretching devices in anticipation of 6 scalp reductions, Brandy flaps, so
    much so, I ran out of donor hair, because none of the work lasted more than
    five years to eight years between procedures. Well, I did 8500 beard and
    chest hairs to the scalp, and it looks FANTASTIC. So far after four years,
    thick as hell, and nobody can tell I had work until I tell them. As far as
    it lasting a lifetime, look, I had a lot of procedures, and each kept me
    with a full head of hair for a time, and at nearly 70, saying I’ll have the
    rest of my life isn’t as hard a stretch as it was at 22 (har har!) but
    there you go. It works, but you got to keep it up, and you’re going to
    drop some serious coin doing it.

  14. He not balding he just shave his head No one go bald like I see no
    Horseshoe pattern around the sides.
    he Hair transplant what a loser such a waste of money.
    Just leave it you insecure bastard.

  15. first of all, im pretty sure he got hair pluggs done somewhere shitty…
    Now days they use strips and it looks as real as it gets…..and if he had
    3 hair surgeries, evidently he has been to the shitty doctors.
    Just YouTube transplantation FUE – ull see what it does. Heck Lebron James
    did it….and it looks awesome.
    Problem is, nto everyone will look good shaved or bald. Some people head
    shape is so bizarre it looks scary even bald.
    Steve Austin the wrestler, he has a pretty good shape of head, that his had
    looks shaved amazing.
    Same with the Rock. U have to have the right shape of had,and also good
    facial features to pull it off.
    But if you the money and u wanna look good, get a hair
    transplant….remember u get what u pay for.

  16. Amen, Joe Rogan. Joe speaks the truth. Hopefully, many young guys take his

  17. stfu mason you don’t know shit i bet you don’t have a hair loss problem,
    trying being 22 and losing you’re hair and your buddies don’t have that
    problem, or chicks look at you like wtf? so shut the fuck up

  18. Joe wouldn’t agree with this, but propecia has helped me, so much that I
    made a music video about it:
    Poppin Propecia: Finasteride Lines

    on my channel

  19. Bald head suits some people, and not others. Joe’s hair transplants were
    when they were only just breaking out. Transplants don’t use strips (at
    least the good ones) anymore. They take individual follicles which leaves
    much less of a scar. They last a lifetime.

    If you can afford it – get a transplant. But get one done by a reputable
    surgeon. Don’t try some cheap shit abroad. 

  20. Balding brahs check out alpha m’s video on balding style I think he’s on to

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