Ketoconazole Shampoo For Hair Loss

This is a video by http://www.Solutions4hairloss.com is about Ketoconazole shampoos, how they are part of the Big 3 Hair Loss Regimen, and how using a ketoco…

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  1. Thank you so much. The best hair loss shampoo videos ever. I will be buying
    my regenepure very soon. You give me all the information I need so I can
    stop wasting my money. I just hope 1% ketoconazole is really enough to
    regrowth my hair.

  2. Your welcome and thank you for the kind words. Like us on facebook to find
    out about special discounts. Like I covered in the video, I would recommend
    using the shampoo with a minoxidil product or Propecia, or both if you can
    afford it. Good luck and thanks again.

  3. Do you have any coupon codes for your website or specials on Regenepure?

  4. Can you let me know of a reliable place where I can buy Nizoral 2% shampoo?

  5. Your videos answered a lot of my questions and helped me tons with my hair

  6. Stop reciting studies and show personal results. Anyone can read a study

  7. Some people have had success using solely a ketoconazole shampoo. But its
    best to use a ketoconazole shampoo with a minoxidil product and/or Propecia
    for better results and to maximize your chances of stopping hair loss.

  8. J&J has temporarily stopped manufacturing the product and they should
    resume production around July or August of 2013. Once they do continue
    manufacturing Nizoral Shampoo we will definitely have it in stock again.

  9. You can find many sources online, however, we recommend purchasing it from
    a reliable source such as the one listed on our website. Visit our site and
    click on the Nizoral 2 shampoo product and follow the link. Many of our
    customers have purchased through them and are very happy so you know you
    will be getting a legit product.

  10. We have a permanent coupon code of $1off which has no expiration date and
    will get you a $1 discount off each product. For bigger sales, subscribe to
    our newsletter, follow us on facebook (search for hair growth products –
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  11. Nizoral shampoo is the most well known because its the original
    ketoconazole shampoo. However, I recommend Regenepure DR because it
    contains ketoconazole as well as other ingredients known for hair growth.
    It also does not contain sulfates which are found in most shampoos.
    Sulfates can actually harm your hair and scalp. Also, Nizoral is hard to
    find at the moment and if you do find it, it is quite expensive. It will be
    that way until J&J continues manufacturing Nizoral around August 2013.

  12. hey i have a question. are there shampoo with minoxidil in it?

  13. Does it have the active ingredient (ketconoazole) in it?? Lol That’s been
    clinically proven to regrow hair and inhibit D.H.T on the scalp which plays
    a major factor in hair loss! Best of luck!

  14. Hi, how much of ketoconazole does Regenepure contain? 1% or 2%? thanks a

  15. Its still shock me just how lots of people have no clue about Zunhairex
    Secrets (just google it) despite the fact that lots of people cures their
    hair loss and regrow it naturally using it. Thanks to my personal friend
    who told me about it. I have liminated my hair loss embarrassment for good
    with natural approaches.

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