Mirena Hair Loss (and hair growth after removal)

If you feel strongly that you’ve had adverse reactions to your Mirena: Call Bayer (the producer) at: 1-800-265-7382, or email them at http://www.canada.medin…

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  1. Thanks so much for the update and for your messages. I literally have
    stopped obsessing over my hairline in the mirror because of you and I am
    hopeful and looking forward to my hair hopefully recovering given time. Its
    only been about 5 weeks since my removal so will let you know how I go with
    it. Thank you again for sharing your experience xx

  2. I’m so glad that this could offer some hope! I know when I looked into this
    IUD originally nothing about hair loss came up (but then again, I didn’t
    have any reason to search Mirena and hair loss at that time), so I know how
    upsetting and shocking it is. I’m thinking of you and wishing all the best
    in getting your system back to normal (and having ALL your hair back!).
    Thank you for watching!

  3. WOW! Thank you so much for your comments, and I’m so glad that you didn’t
    stick it out to see how much worse it would get.

  4. WOW….my wife has had the mirena for 2.5 yrs and she’s had hair loss and
    infact We went to the Dr today and we have decided to have it removed! She
    too thought it was stress and im saddened bc she would ask me if I could
    tell and I honestly couldn’t really tell and would tell her it was all in
    her head but I could now notice that her hair-line has receeded ALOT, and
    after taking a shower there’s a ton of hair in the tub always. My wife
    always had thick hair and it noticably not as thick.

  5. Well you’ll be in my thoughts. I truly hope that everything will go back to
    normal for you!

  6. When my hair started growing back it did take a while for it to really fill
    in. It’s back to its regular thickness now, but at first it did seem like
    it was maybe thinner. Best of luck to you, and thanks for your comments!

  7. Sorry – not replaced this week. I meant to say REMOVED (for good).

  8. hi i thought i was going mad i had really thick long blonde hair and i am
    almost bald i look like a cancer paitient ….i was told it was stress or
    alopecia it does not run in my family either..I had the mirena 2years ago
    and looking back my hair started shedding from day one …only watching
    janes video did it click it was my iud !!!!! i have now had it removed
    hopefully it will now grow back …. hopefully yours will too … i hate
    what it has done to me…. good luck … nyc luck xx

  9. I’ve had the marina for 14months and had it taken out 4weeks ago.I am
    experiencing tremendous hair shedding,my hairdresser has said it looks ok
    at the moment.I read one of your comments Jane ,and you said it took a
    couple of months for the hair shedding to stop.i have noticed it thin
    around my temple area and a little round my forehead area.There is nothing
    I can do about it,my hair is normally thick any way.I will just have to
    ride it out and see what I’m left with after my hormones correct t

  10. Thank you so much for your video! I have had hair loss for a while now and
    am convinced it is Mirena. My hair is coming out so quickly that I have
    lost probably half of my hair. My hairline has receded. I am so scared that
    after removal my hair won’t stop falling out. Your video gives me hope. I
    am making an appointment to have it removed asap. Thank you for sharing
    your story!

  11. SO I have been struggling with hair loss for 2 years. I have lost half of
    my hair. I have been tested medically for everything. The hair issue became
    crippling. I had asked my dr 6 mos ago. She had said she had never heard of
    it. So I moved on. The last 2 months had been accelerated. Last night I
    lost it.. I started listening to my gut. I googled this and got you , among
    other things. Its being removed tomorrow at 4:20. Thank you thank you for
    putting this out there. I have hope now.

  12. Hi! Have you considered – Trifecta Epic Hair Growth Plan (Have a quick look
    on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some incredible things
    about it and my brother in law after many years eradicated the hair loss
    stress with it.

  13. I also experienced hair loss with the Mirena. My doctor didn’t believe me
    when I would tell him that I felt it was due to the Mirena. I had this
    for 3 years and finally just said take it out. It wasn’t until maybe a
    year later that he told me he had started reading literature about the
    correlation with hair loss. My hair did stop falling out but it has never
    been the same. I’ve been without the Mirena or ANY birth control for
    about 5 years now. Again, I used to have alot of hair, thin hair, but
    alot. Not anymore. It has never grown back completely and I really hate

  14. i have had the mirena for 5 months and my hair started falling out in
    month 4 and has not let up. its coming out in gobs. going to get it
    removed asap~!!!!!!!

  15. I have had the Mirena in for about 7 months and I didn’t really notice the
    hair loss it was gradual and it occurred in the front of my forehead so it
    became very noticeable when I went thru some stressful situations and then
    bang about three very patchy bald spots. Plus I became moody, emotional my
    periods seemed to lighten up. I also experienced very painful period pain
    which just crippled me at times and I experienced a bit of a raise in
    temperature. I have been using Aloe vera hair masks and Rosemary/ Sage tea
    rinses to help as a inflammatory and it actually does help however the
    underlining issue here is that I will be getting this evil little device
    out. Previously before this hormonal device was put in i had the copper one
    which was working perfectly fine for about 10 years would you believe. Now
    I dont know what to do with child prevention other than put another one of
    these terrible devices back in but the copper kind. They are horrible to
    put in and cause pain. I will be getting this thing out asap!!! Condoms
    maybe lol however if your thinking about using this device think twice you
    only have to see on here how many women have been affected I wish I could
    sue the pants off these medical pharmaceutical organisations for allowing
    this rubbish to be put on the shelves makes me mad…. Dulp I mean moody
    and hormonal :-)

  16. I am on my third mirena – I was originally on the copper IUD which was
    fine, but was told about the Mirena and thought wow! No bleeding? Sounds
    good. However, I then got into a panic that I *might* be pregnant as I had
    no periods to prove otherwise, so returned to the copper. I then suffered
    over 12 months of almost continuous bleeding and was told that going back
    on the Mirena would sort it out. Which it did; I can’t fault it.
    However – the hair loss. I have always had incredibly thick hair, so when
    it started to seem limp and thin, I wondered if it was just that I had been
    on antibiotics — I do not know if the Mirena causes more UTI’s, but I was
    suffering repeated UTI’s, so was on antibiotics, which can show in your
    hair after a while. I do however remember the year I was back on the copper
    IUD that my hair returned to its normal thickness. I also know thinning
    hair can be caused by other factors, so I did not think it was the Mirena.
    Only a few weeks ago I was wondering if the Mirena caused abnormal
    discharge, and came across comments that it did cause some people to lose
    hair. So now I have to wonder. I had my first Mirena in 2006, I think, and
    I have a passport photo from the year before, 2005. I have lost fully half
    of my hair density in that time. It’s incredibly depressing, and to
    some-one who always battled with and got teased about my thick hair, it is
    pretty awful. I have an appointment with my female doctor about the Mirena
    in a few days, and though it will focus more on other side-effects – which
    are painful, I will mention it.

  17. You are able to regrow your thinning hair or heal your baldness totally by
    prevent the creation of Dihydrotestosterone (the hormone which cause

  18. I’m suffering from severe hairloss as well. I had the Mirena first put in,
    in 2006 then in 2009 between the birth of our two daughters. Lots of
    balding and receding hairline issues. Hair is so see through on top. Fed
    up! Got an appointment in two weeks for the Paraguard to replace the
    Mirena! I feel like my hair pores closed up. I’m really worried…I hope my
    hair grows back.. 

  19. omg so glad i came across your post! I had mirena coil fitted 2years ago
    not for contraception but for very heavy bleeding and that cleared up very
    soon after. But this last 6months my hair line around my temples is
    terrible!! Feel like my scalp and my part line is so bare now!! The rest of
    my har at the back of my head is still good but ive been getting really
    depressed about the front wondering how the hell im going to style my hair
    as i get older because the hair line is reseeding so much and my fringe
    looks so thin!!!! This is getting removed as soon as i can!

  20. Thanks sooooo much for uploading a video about this I had no clue why my
    hair was falling out until this video, I’m so gonna get this mirena out
    asap thanks again!!!

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  22. How long did it actually take for it to stop falling out after removal? I
    had mine out almost 2 weeks ago and its still coming out in handfuls! Ive
    been using nutri ox. I don’t want go bald :((

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