My Hair loss Home Remedies | DIY Hair Growth

I had a bad bout of hair loss 2years ago when i was going through a lot of stress. Every day I would moult all over everything i touched .. it got quite awkw…

Hair regrowth expert


  1. I am no hair loss expert, but I have found these things helpful, and i hope
    they help you! <3

  2. awesome video! lots of love from NZ! <3 looking forward to more diy vids x

  3. My hair has thinned out so badly recently. I will definitely give this a
    try! Any tips on how i should wash my hair? Ive heard multiple shampoos, no
    conditioner, conditioner ect. SO CONFUSING! Love your channel so much! Much
    <3 xxx

  4. I have the opposite problem… I have too much hair xD! But I like that
    this stimulates the foil class for growth 🙂 anywho~ thanks for uploading!
    I love absolutely love to see a video on how to make a natural lip stain! 

  5. Thank you so much for this video!!! It’s really great timing and I really
    appreciate your diy and tips. I shall start trying them out asap. 🙂
    And can you kindly suggest good (maybe organic) shampoo and mainly
    *conditioner* to use for hair?? Because most other conditioners tend to
    make hair fall out more. Thanks again!

  6. OMG the exact same thing happened to me!! Because my hair is short though,
    it has all grown back but I still have weird layers! 

  7. Great video Ela 😀 I used a few home remedies too, one of them being onion
    juice mask – very effective, but so ewww l only used it once 😉 then amla
    mask, also in the oil base, very good, stinging nettle tea rinses, also
    brilliant, rosemary, castor oil are hair’s best friends 🙂 somehow
    everybody forgets a scalp massage (to stimulate hair folicles) and l even
    heard of chilli mask for the same purpose!

  8. Will you guys give me a chance? Please Subscribe i sub back!
    I do vids on everything… 🙂
    I know im only young but I want to become very successful in what I love
    doing :)

  9. Your VERY smart and BEAUTIFUL! Im SO glad to find your channel!!! Ur the
    type of ppl who inspire me. What do u study? Where do u work? U know way
    more stuff the anyone could know like my self im 22 and hearing u i feel
    like a 7yr old in grd 1!!! How did u know all these stuff? How did u came
    up with this? Who taught u? How? How? How? Ah :(!!!! Such a smart
    channel!!! I would never think of or i cannot even imagine to invent
    something like u always do!!! And iml be so affraid!!! Dunno!!! Ur
    AMAZING!!! Love u and ur channel. xo

  10. I used to notice my hair would fall out in small clumps whenever I washed
    it around when I had exams in school, and then I started taking magnesium
    and it helped it. Now I only get the odd strand that falls out. Great
    video, love your DIYs :)

  11. I used to have terrible hair loss. Thank you for this video. I took large
    doses off Evening Primrose Oil pill, advised by my doctor and they saved my

  12. Hi Ela, I just love your channel! Does this make your hair grow faster
    even if you don’t have “hair loss”?

  13. Omg i suffeer this so badly im surprised i havent gone bald. I can clean my
    brush out before use and after brushing it my hairbrushvis full again. The
    same with the shower drain! Om so going to try this! Have you heard of the
    onversion method? If so what are your thoughts? Love your videos xx

  14. I have a good amount of experience using hair loss products/doing research.
    I would suggest you google this argan life products … Good delivery,
    excellent product. After using it for one month, I actually see the new
    hair growth. Take my advice and you will see the difference soon.

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