My Hair Loss Story + Hair Care Routine

Hey everyone! This is my first vlog-like video…sorry about the length. I have much to grieve about when it comes to the topic of my hair loss. =( But I som…

Hair regrowth expert


  1. I have long hair my girlfriend decided to straighten my hair to make it
    look nicer so I agreed…but ive noticed its falling out I think she
    damaged it but will it grow back or should I just cut it off and grow it
    again? If I do cut it will it grow back again…im lost any help or advice
    would be appreciated

  2. Heyi… On the bottle it says it may cause cancer as a side effect. What do
    you think about the same? I am still not sure whether to use it or not.
    Waiting for your reply . thanks

  3. I use Argan Life Hair Loss Shampoo and besides having less hair in the
    shower drain the product is a super nice experience for the senses. It
    smells amazing and not like it is full of chemical perfumes. I love this
    shampoo, it creates nice body too. Wonderful product line. I am very glad
    to have found it. They create lots of suds too!.

  4. ur story is same as mine .. but i did not use any chemical like u did ..but
    when i was grade 6 ,, i use gel .. but my hair did not fall .. then i stop
    using that .. after a long long months , or let say ,, a couple of year …
    i always strong the band of my ponytale .. and thight it even my hair is
    wet .. i thight it strong and just leave it for an hour .. i didnt blower
    it or any .. i just doing ,, the same thing … after a month ,, OMG my
    hair starts to fall .. i dun no why ?

  5. and then , everytime i comb my hair .. so many pieces of hair were falling
    .. even if just i hold it .. and it became lighter and ligther .. i change
    my shampoo .. and not tight my hair like as before .. i always blower my
    hair before i thight it .. but same thing ,, it always fall ..and i panic
    how to stop it .. i search on any sites .. and i saw this .. but still my
    hair goes on :(( i dont know how to do 🙁 ..

  6. uuhmm .. actually that name BAWANG ? here in the philippines (tagalog) that
    means in english is ONION .. first i heard that from you and i was like o.O
    ok ? .. xD ..

  7. I just had keratine done to my hair, does the shampoo Bawang have any
    chemical in it . I can not use shampoo with sulphate on it. my hair is
    falling like , it look like i have highways in the front of my hair .
    Please let me know i trust your video and i am ready to buy it from Amazon.
    thank you

  8. ı bought ” arganrain products “after i saw on the tv. ” when ı leave
    arganrain shampoo on my hair for a few min. as suggested by the
    instructions, ı can feel the tingling sensation. and after a few weeks of
    use, ı can see that my skull has denser follicles. ı still use argan oil &
    another herbal hair tonic, of course, but ı will also stick w/ arganrain
    shampoo for now.

  9. How did this video turn into a plug in for “arganlife”? Guys, have some
    class and get your own arganlife channel.

  10. — It took about one week until I started to see the results. No more hair
    down the drain! Good to use every other day. Argan Life shampoo and oil
    saved my life

  11. i have curly hair and i so so wish i had straight hair just like u. urs are
    so damn beautiful! mine are just a bit longer than shoulder length and i
    hate it that they wont grow longer 😐 

  12. Finally! Someone else in the same boat as me. I permanently straightened my
    hair and didn’t like how it looked so I washed my hair as soon as I got
    home instead of waiting 2 days, and everything was fine until a couple
    months passed by and now my hair is half the size it was before. I used to
    have thick, black hair and now it sooo thin. 🙁 It’s so depressing and so
    here I am sitting searching up ways to help it and make it grow back. 🙁 So
    desperate. I want my hair back.

  13. I use ” arganrain products ” at 47 yrs of age, ı suffer from crown thinning
    and receding hairline. ı have also enjoyed (not) lots of flaking and
    itching scalp which no shampoos would ever cure, until now. ı no longer
    have itchy flaky scalp and my hair is noticeably healthier and thicker
    thanks to arganrain professional hair care product. 

  14. Is Zunhairex Secrets helpful to cure your hair loss and regrow it safely?
    We have learn a lot of good things about Zunhairex Secrets (google it).

  15. Patene? OMG yes it does it has loads of chemicals in it – it made my hair
    fall out a bit. 

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