Hair regrowth expert


  1. Even if you have loss a little bit of hair it still looks good I hope your
    doing well have a nice week 

  2. Thank you Dom for the video! Your hair has never looked better. I have seen
    all three videos of yours on hair loss and have decided to order #77

    I have a few questions that I was hoping you could answer:

    q1. did you have any side-effects with #77?
    q2. how long have you used #77 – the first video you made was in dec 2013
    if i remember correctly? and then in may 2014? did you religiously take the
    pills everyday? would one have to take the pills for lifetime to maintain
    their gains?

    thanks again dom. one happy subscriber here.

  3. Dude thank you so much for updating the progress
    I’m going to try this out and let you know what’s up. 

  4. Glad to see your hair much fuller and thicker, Domingo. Looking good! The
    product you’re using seems effective. I could relate to your problem. :-)

  5. *I use argan life…. I am happy with the way it works. thicker, fuller
    hair. I am getting great hair growth…Much more than even when ıIwas
    younger. Recommend to others…Good luck to you!*

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