Natural Homemade Hair Shampoo

Natural homemade shampoo helps to moisturize the hair and prevents hair fall. Watch how you can make hair shampoo using natural ingredients available in your kitchen! Check other ### NATURAL…

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  1. Wow guys, you don’t have to be so harsh on her. Its clear that she can
    speak in english fluently its just the accent. Go to India and see how they
    talk normally. I’ve been there and BAM. Most of the indians can talk in
    english beautifully and fluently. At least she’s trying to talk in english
    so the whole world can understand her.

    Btw, i love the bakinh soda solution♡ 

  2. Guys i would NOT reccomend the baking soda shampoo to anybody! regardless
    of hair type baking soda is exteremely acidic (people use it to clean
    washrooms even!) so DO NOT USE IT over time it will do more damage do your
    hair it will be dry and brittle and totally not worth it go for the cucmber
    and lemon method the cucumber balance’s the acid level :)

  3. I may have just gotten lucky but when I potty trained my daughter I trained
    her for night at the same time. In fact she was accident free at night long
    before during the day. Well other variables she mentioned are important
    too. Try jaggery ( I hope I’m spelling it right). It is raw sugar cane
    sugar lump . ( gurr)

  4. I really liked your video, but I don’t think you should wash your hair
    every day

  5. How about if you have black African hair. We can’t wash are hair daily we
    only wash it once or twice a week.

  6. My hairs falls alot
    And they r not growing my hairs was so thick and now they r so thin

  7. I tried cucumber nd lemon shampoo.. But end up with alott of residues nd
    excessive hairfall after using the shampoo..what changes should I make in
    the quantities to avoid them.. my hairtype is dry 

  8. when we use lemon i think sometimes it may lead to hair splitting.can we
    use lemon??

  9. Thank you for your videos, they are well presented and clear. Do you have
    any advice regarding curly hair.

  10. all good stuff except for the comment about protecting it from the sun lol
    we need the sun it evolved us, silly xD

  11. created an awesome recipe for natural shampoo like yours. But mine adds
    some botanicals

    My shampoo Ingredients: Aloe vera leaf juice,, baking soda, bentonite green
    clay, tangerine essential oil, fresh spearmint infusion, and
    steam-distilled ‘Plant Therapy ‘TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL’.

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    Growth Tips (search on google)? There are some extraordinary free hair loss
    tips and my brother in law got great results from it.

  13. Hi! I tried the baking soda method and my hair got rough. Not able to
    understand why..now what should I do to make it soft? Kindly help. 

  14. Hi! Thank you for your recipes! I’ve been trying to find a homemade shampoo
    recipe I could use and change to my taste, and I find that the baking soda
    one might be what I’m searching for.

    Great channel! Keep up the good work (and I love your hair <3 )

  15. wow! I wouldn’t recommend baking soda & lemon as well. They are waaayyy too
    acidic for our hair and scalp that are very sensitive. I would totally not
    recommend this video..

  16. is this helpfull when oil is applied to hair????? i mean, is this tips will
    remove oil from hair while washing hair with out other shampoo???????????

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    using for 2 months. I started to see a huge difference with my hair (lots
    of fine hair growing out especially at the temple area). I am so happy, I
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    professional hair care product.

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