Natural Methods to cure Baldness and Alopecia – Baba Ramdev

Alopecia is Infectious disease. It usually occurs to normal people by using towels in different hotels. All hairs are lost in alopecia. It is genetic in Some…

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  1. Very nice specially oil thank u very much I m rubbing nail I m felling
    something in my head it’s mean this is working thank u again

  2. can anyone tell in how many days a fully bald man will grow 1 inch hair by
    following this method??

  3. I have been to many hotels, and I am bald… I think I caught my baldness
    from a hotel towel.. I am going to sue!!!!

  4. have u really got ur hair back….i m too lossing my hair at very youmg age
    ..plz help me..

  5. Can you tell me how much exactly you were bald and in how many days did u
    get your hairs back

  6. Actually I have used the same thing (minoxidil)too and its correct that
    your hair will fall eventually after you stop the medication right… I am
    doing watever is said in this video for like 20 odd days and still hair
    follicles of very tiny length fall down… I dont know if it will work on
    my scalp let s hope for the best

  7. this is so full of fucking bull shit, im so fucking furious with the
    description of this crap video: 1 Alopecia IS NOT INFECTIOUS 2 its also NOT
    A DISEASE 3…are you fucking kidding? you think towels are the source?
    really? 4 there are 3 FUCKING TYPES of alopecia, yes one does cause you to
    loose all your hair but the others dont… jeeez, do your fucking

  8. I suspect an enraged Hotelier ranting here XD 😉 I agree with your

  9. BHEERAD KA CHHATTA.. this is not scientifically proven. Alopecia takes
    place due to Scalp Infection. It is not a disease. It takes place any of us
    if we donot care…… TYPE keshvardhak herbal hair drops ON GOOGLE and see
    the website of Kadyan Overseas, Panipat (India) See the magic of Indian
    Herbs & Modern Science

  10. cowrishells…. if u are in india u can find it any shop that deals with
    stuff used in hindu rituals. these are normally used in fire pyres or yagna.

  11. thanks..ill try to find this in uk…can you tell me which website should i
    use for baba ramdev products?

  12. he is asking to rub the nails against each other in the way he shows in the
    video. jus back to back. not in any other way. that will create blood
    circulation at the scalp due to nerves connected and that will nourish hair
    roots for both growth and hair blackening. Also rubbing nails it in wrong
    angle or direction might trigger other sensory sites and create hair growth
    on ear or some other part of the body. so be cautious 🙂

  13. i am glad its working somehow … there are some results 🙂 ….. for all
    those who dont understand the language please see the description in ABOUT
    section of the video

  14. for all those who dont understand the language please see the description
    in ABOUT section of the video

  15. Did any one tried that remedy of wasp’s nest+coconut oil + Hibiscus Racemes
    leaves? I cannot find any proven or tried result for that

  16. Does this method work . Please Reply. I’m havin’ male bald pattern at early

  17. kaudi means kaudi search directly in google mostly used in shiv pooja etc

  18. ++ argan.rain shampoo ++ works really well. ıt nourishes the hair, adds
    texture and leaves with pleasant aroma. the best thing is you do not need
    to use much to feel the softness immediately. you can find it in google .. 

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