Natural methods to fight baldness

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  1. I think that a life time of eating excess meat and refined foods causes
    baldness, and causes negative reactions to stress as well.

  2. Ok I am not bald but I’m worried I might get bald one day 😀 how often
    would I have to apply urine to my head if I was bald and wanted hair to
    start growing again? would I have to keep applying urine even after the
    hair had started growing again? happy if someone answers 😀 (someone who

  3. Hehe do you really believe that? it’s scientifcally proven that stress, and
    other factors in life can conjure hair loss, it’s called stress hormones.

    lMPOTENCE !!! There are several CLASS-ACTION LAWSUITS pending against MERCK
    over this !!! Beware of VIDEOS by: “samlammd, alanbauman, latinlotus,
    justjoe9074 & belgraviacentre” … these ASSHOLES have RIGGED the comments
    under their videos with FAKE-TESTIMONIALS and BLOCK warnings from
    PROPECIA-VICTIMS !!! If you have hairloss, just shave your head and
    work-out ! Dont DESTROY your life by going on FINSTERIDE !!

  5. Male pattern baldness is genetic! This guy is a complete quack just trying
    to sell his crappy potions from his web site!

  6. @Patricia88 Glad it worked for you too.. 🙂 I knew that even before I
    started losing my hair that people were looked at in a different fashion
    when they were losing their hair.. Now that I have it back, it has
    certainly brought back a lot of self esteem and I feel better about myself.
    Anyway, you got the name of the site wrong.. It should be HairLoss101.
    net(w/o space)

  7. @sweetclaire06 Actually, check again. He is a Chiropractor, & a Doctor of
    Natural Medicine, he has multiple degrees and certifications. Also, yes,
    while he sells many natural products, he also promotes usage of things he
    doesn’t sell. Listen to this video, Urine? Apple Cider Vinegar? Dimethyl
    Sulfoxide? He sells none of the above, but promotes all three. He is asked
    about his product, and instead of saying use it, he says to use something
    found in your own body. How is that a scam

  8. @desasterz The guy looks like he has a pretty full head of hair to me.
    Sounds sick, and while I have no intention of trying it… I’m also only in
    my mid 30s, and have little to any signs of even a receding hairline, so
    I’m not really the target audience. I will however be talking with my
    buddies who are showing hair loss and mention it to them.

  9. @salesmanwho He didn’t say drink it, he said mix it with vinegar and maybe
    some Dimethyl Sulfoxide, and apply that to the scalp. He mentioned drinking
    urine as a means of emergency hydration maintenance, which has been used
    for generations for that reason when no clean water source is available
    (desert, stranded on islands, at sea, etc), and it was to support the
    precedence of urine use and its sterility.

  10. @TxSonofLiberty cont. he drop out of one Chiropractic school and start at
    another one? Look closely at those certificates that look legit.Most of
    them you or I can have by paying a fee. And maybe a quick online
    course.It’s called padding the old resume.You can tell by listening to him
    he’s unpolished and unprofessional.Not to mention he has NO idea what he’s
    talking about! And YES his main thing is to SELL SELL SELL stuff on his
    website.Urine to make hair grow! pft!!!

  11. @TxSonofLiberty Some genetic traits CAN be affected by environment.With the
    advent of genomic sequencing, it has become possible to identify such
    traits as eye color, height, and MALE PATTERN BALDNESS. These types of
    genetic traits AREN’T affected by environment, unless you call wearing
    contact lenses,high heel shoes, or a wig environmental factors. I’m sure
    that’s not what you meant. 🙂

  12. @GlobalHealingCenter If you do this and your hair does regrow…would u
    have to continue doing it or will ur hair fall out again…..or once its
    grown can u stop putting urine on ur head lol

  13. so how long do you have to rub urine in your scalp for before you see any

  14. Dr of what !! For gods sake dont listen to this guy…the main cause of
    baldness is not stress or being in a sympathetic state !!!! I have never,
    ever seen a better example for using the three letters…L O L

  15. This stuff works, I’ve done it myself. It’s an ancient practice called
    Shivambu Kalpa Vidhi. It’s also healing and beneficial to drink and bathe
    in urine as well.

  16. hey let me know does drining urine are helpfull for hair loss how long
    doesit take ?

  17. As long as its not aged. Best thing for hair loss is a urine fast and
    abstain from masturbation for a certain period of time.

  18. 2:08 If that isn’t word from an unclean spirit i don’t know what is?

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