NBC TODAY – Battling Baldness / Lasers & Hair Transplant Surgery

Matt Lauer and Janice Lieberman discuss the medical treatments and procedures used to treat hair loss, including Propecia, Minoxidil/Rogaine, Laser Therapy a…

Hair regrowth expert


  1. why are these products so expensive? you want them to help people, but who
    are they going to help besides the people who can afford to buy them.

  2. propecia worked for me, but it has sextual side effects and I really did
    not enjoy, im only 18 so yeah… I am going to try the laser comb.

  3. Dr. Bauman, what do you use for your hair? Your hair looks really good, do
    you use Propecia or Rogaine, or how about lasers?

  4. Very informative. I went to a hair restoration place, Bosley Medical I
    think, probably 16 years ago, the cost would have been $30,000+ and I was
    midway to balding on the top of my head, but nowhere else. It did look like
    it worked and without scarring, and they did it over a period of time so
    that hair didn’t appear to others to show up all at once. The big obstacle
    to me was and is monetary. Still, I wondered why the famous/rich folks
    don’t get them-or perhaps they do, just don’t publicize it!

  5. ask a girl what her dream guy looks like? there most likely have hair. Its
    sad but true.

  6. FUE procedures with Neograft allow large numbers of follicles to be
    transplanted, with NO linear scar.

  7. business is business, once everyman on earth will look the same (with hair
    and white teeth) what would be the new model? I’m sure some women love bald
    men (except the ivana trump model look of course)

  8. Actually, we use laser therapy for wound-healing after transplantation as
    well as the hair-effects. Non-invasive treatments (propecia, minoxidil and
    laser therapy) do something completely different than transplants… they
    work on the hair you have. Transplants redistribute hair follicles but do
    not protect you from losing the other non-transplanted hair. You should try
    the laser immediately after your transplant and see the improved healing.

  9. maybe a young bald man would like to be happy with an older woman, and
    maybe some women would be happy with a rich boldman (with a big cock for
    example), what’s the problem? you are very one way thinking!!! i just hope
    you keep your hair Ken!

  10. The medical-grade hand-helds, like Erchonia THL-1 are going for around

  11. @alanbauman It seems that everything causes and prevents cancer these days.
    Studies show everything. I wouldn’t be surprised it tomorrow they ha a
    study that showed cigarettes lowering lung cancer rates.

  12. @narcotect Dr. B. did the Neograft hair transplant for me which leaves no
    visible scar.

  13. so dr alanbauman, can i use the laser, propecia, and rogain foam at the
    same time? I can afford the $500 laser, thanks.

  14. @justjoe9074 Awesome! Saw the video on that NeoGraft extraction… looked
    good. Did it hurt?

  15. @Friendlessday, At the time NBC reported on hair growth treatments years
    ago, patients had to choose between hand-held lasers or in-office units.
    The tech has improved quite a bit since then. Today, most patients choose
    the portable hands-free / rechargeable 224-diode LaserCap.

  16. @Friendlessday, The hair transplant before-after results are located at
    1:25, 4:27 and 5:55 perhaps you missed those on the NBC Today clip?
    Sincerely, Dr. Bauman

  17. +Robert J Zoellner, I have no explanation why some celebrities have
    absolutely no interest in keeping or restoring their hair through effective
    medical and surgical procedures and others do. In addition, some seem to
    have made some very poor choices in terms of hair restoration. Generally,
    it appears to be a lack of good information and professional advice.

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