Onion Mask results after 1 month

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor) This video is more for me than anyone else. I needed to see the progress m…

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  1. If you apply once a day does that mean that you wash your hair everyday?
    Does your hair smell like onions throughout the day?

  2. hi i like ur video i want to try this tell how to use onion oil on hair

  3. Wow…those are some awesome results…I truly look forward to starting my
    challenge with it to see if I get results…thnx for sharing love

  4. My hair dresser offer me to use arganlife anti hair loss shampoo. Great
    product and awesome price! Everything that was promised in the
    advertisment. The shipping was very fast and had not issues. I have
    purchased this same product about 4 times. I buy from w.arganlifeproducts.c

  5. hi wat is ur status now.has onion mask been miracle 4 u?n have grown all ur
    hair back?pls reply,i’m in serious need of this remedy.

  6. Do a search for Caboki on here. I’ve done hair 20 yrs. and it seems pretty

  7. Hi Thanks for posting the video. I hope its genuine can you post the photo
    of your scalp as of today? Since its been more than 4 months you have been
    using this treatment.

  8. I didn’t say i “knew” it didn’t work on african style hair i said i was
    “not sure” if it worked on that style of hair.Big difference.I have seen
    several comments on the main caboki video asking if it worked on african
    hair with no reply.Anyway i’m done with the petty arguments.

  9. I just saw your video and i find it interesting but sad that it is i
    complete. my current dilemma is whole head hair loss and although i have
    started taking the biotin suppliment I am wanting to increase my bodies
    natural resources so that even my graying roots stop graying.

  10. Notice you don’t have a “Top Comment”. Let me address that. TELL US HOW
    are of this question. Dont keep it to yourself. Be charitable Thank you

  11. 1) Onions on juicer. Massage your scalp with juice. 2) The more the better
    3) No idea, I believe once or twice a week is fine warning: IT STINKS!!!

  12. Here’s how you make the mask. #1 Get four large Asian Onions. They must be
    Asian Onions because of the acidic properties that work with the hair
    follicle. 1 Ukrainian Onion,2 Cloves of garlic, Half ounce of extra virgin
    olive oil,1 Green Pepper,Spaghetti sauce of your choice,Garlic bread, 1
    pound of ground beef #2 Fry ground and heat sauce adding all ingredients.
    #3 Serve dinner. 🙂

  13. Nothing can restore your lost hair completely, let alone onions that will
    sting your scalp so much that even a wig won’t stick to your head any more!
    you will lose your scalp as well as your two hairs that you have left. the
    only ultimate solution is hair transplant and the best one is unit by unit
    transplant, everything else is a fallacy! these pictures that they show are
    all lighting tricks!

  14. If you want to bulk up, you should do a Google search \”Hexcul Ripped
    Max\”. That might help you get the body you deserve.

  15. it works for me. I’ve been using it for the past month, 5 times a week. I
    do it as soon as i get home from school by mixing some indian herbs, lemon
    juice, oil and 1 full onion with natural yoghurt. My hair is stronger,
    shinier and thicker. I’m glad to see the fuzz at the front of my head too!!
    Hair Loss was a really sudden experience for me, i was alway so stressed
    out and depressed. Im glad i fought against it, rather than moping about it

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