port-royal – balding generation (losing hair as we lose hope)

brand new video of the first single from the last port-royal album “dying in time”. vocals by izumi suzuki aka linda bjalla – www.myspace.com/lindabjalla wri…

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  1. questi ragazzi hanno incarnato e continuano ad incarnare il mio ideale di
    musica…la musica dei miei sogni. state crescendo con me, sto crescendo
    con voi…vi amo.spero di suonare con voi presto…mi sto allenando 🙂

  2. condivido in pieno quello che hai detto, è uguale per me! grandi port

  3. Una sola parola: minchia! non li avevo mai sentiti prima, ho letto
    l’intervista su OndaRock

  4. Unbelievable…both video clip and track are so great they are almost
    unreal!!! Truly fantastic… well done!!!!!

  5. I don’t get it. First time I saw this masterpiece video, it was 6:42. Then
    suddenly it became 9:08 and now it is back to 6:42. AAHHH I want those
    brilliant 2:26 minutes of extra balding generation back!!!

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