Post Pregnancy Hair Loss

Hey everyone! Thank you so much for your support & love. I wanted to share my story with you about my hair loss after I gave birth and hopefully throughout m…

Hair regrowth expert


  1. They have hair extensions without clips I forget what they r called but
    it’s just like putting in a head band also the band u can’t see. Look up
    some reviews

  2. Hi I just thought id say you look amazing with this hair and a lot of
    people are cutting it this length at the moment ! Please don’t be sad! Also
    look into the inversion hair Growth method. I’ve recently heard about it! I
    don’t think you can do it whilst pregnant so check when it’s safe to do!
    But it’s basically holding your hair upside down! X

  3. Don’t worry it will grow back, be thankful you have hair some people have
    cancer and they don’t have hair..

  4. You look great!!! Keep taking your prenatals even if you’re not planning
    for more children it’ll help with hair growth!!! (And nails) the gummies
    from cvs or target are better than those nasty horse pills lol. I had
    hairloss too after delivery but those gummies have helped A LOT!

  5. i remember the same thing happened to me :(, I think you should go to hair
    dresser and get some layering on the crown of your head to get more volume
    i also think it will go with your face shape 🙂 just a suggestion but you
    are and will always be gorgeous anyways. GIRL POWER!! love ya!!

  6. “Justin Beiber has longer hair than me.” It made me laugh but I was also
    like, awww hon! 🙁 

  7. With shorter hair you look sophisticated and classy. You look lovely no
    matter what, just remember that!

  8. Yay! You called me a beautiful follower 😀 I’m so happy u like it!! <33 and
    wow short hair looks amazing on you!!! I love it!!

  9. Same thing happened to me after I had my girls and during my pregnancy and
    after my miscarriage and again right now that I’m pregnant I used three
    different shampoos and exchanged them every week I used TIO NACHO a mexican
    shampoo they sell it at Wal-Mart, I used fruitise hair fall out, and dove a
    blue one not sure what it was called and it really helped I also used this
    hair lotion called pink they sell it at Wal-Mart also and it made my hair
    really soft and silky saw results in a month :)

  10. I’m one month postpartum and I’m definitely scared and not looking forward
    to this. I was so sad when I find out you lose your hair during the last
    trimester of my pregnancy. 

  11. The hair loss is not that bad believe me, I lost a couple of pounds and I
    am experiencing the same thing, except my hair fall is much more than urs,
    but my hair is up to my hips

  12. Hello!!! First off I love your hair it looks amazing on you! I am currently
    going through this and my daughter is 3 months. I was just wondering how
    many times you washed your hair during this delicate time. And has the fall
    out stopped or slowed? 

  13. You may re-grow your hair naturally in 6 months, without spend a lot of
    money for surgery & costly treatment

  14. You could regrow hair in a natural way in 6 months, without waste a lot of
    money for surgery & expensive treatment

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