PRP Therapy for Hair loss – Using PRP Therapy for hair loss.

UPDATE: I have seen no results from the PRP therapy. However, I am starting to think that the doctor performing them did not know how to do it correctly. Tea…

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  1. That’s interesting, I’ve never heard of anything like that. I’m excited to
    see how everything goes!

  2. Isn’t hairloss caused by DHT? How is the blood platelets going to prevent
    the DHT from building at the root of the hair? I maybe wrong, but seems
    like a scam to me….Like all hairloss solutions…..

  3. Yes, DHT is a cause of hair loss. DHT strangles the hair follicle. If one
    takes Proscar or Propecia, it prevents the conversion of testosterone from
    converting to DHT. It doesn’t necessarily mean follicles that have already
    shrunk or shut down will return to normal function. The PRP is intended to
    stimulate production of follicles that are not active anymore and cause
    miniaturized hair follicles to become healthier and larger. Could be a
    scam, but it was free, so I thought I’d do it and share.

  4. I just wanted to know if your still using toppik or another similar product

  5. Yep, primarily Toppik. I just received some new brands of similar products
    that I’ll post about once I have some time to use them a bit. One is called
    Focus from Unico Enterprises and the other is DermMatch. I think a combo of
    DermMatch and hair fibers could be ideal.

  6. Wow, I think that’s fantastic that you wrote your “very first product
    review” in the commentary of my video that has nothing to do with the
    product you reviewed. I wonder if there’s a product to renew kidney’s. Then
    I can post a similar remark in a kidney transplant video or something.

  7. Hey Ben. Have you considered hair transplantation or follicular unit
    extraction (FUE)? Any thought on those?

  8. Sure did. I had 1275 grafts done about 3 years ago. I should have done 2 or
    3 times that many, but I didn’t know what I know today. I’ll probably go
    for another one in a couple more years, but get more grafts at that time.

  9. I have tried Caboki a number of times and have not been pleased with the
    results. So far Toppik and Bosley are the best concealing hair fibers I’ve

  10. Which one did you go with? Did you do the old style where they harvest a
    strip of scalp or the FUE option where the harvest individual follicles. I
    am wondering which one in your opinion is better.

  11. I did the strip method. Using the NeoGraft system is something like twice
    the price for half the number of grafts. It’s not a huge hassle getting the
    strip method done and the recovery isn’t too difficult. From what I
    understand, the NeoGraft method often results in lost follicles due to
    extraction complications. If the price were to come down and the
    performance improve, then I would be inclined to go with the NeoGraft

  12. So what are the cost with these prp treatments? Any update on your
    progress? Also, How long did you have to leave your hair bloody? Were you
    able to get right back to work? thanks man for any help….

  13. Hi Benny Ben, what is your opinion on using minoxidil and
    I’m 23yo now, and my hair is extremely thinning on top and at the crown.
    I’ve already began using minoxidil 2% for a few weeks , but not sure if I
    will continu this product because it tickles sometimes and my scalp feels a
    bit irritated, but I don’t see any redness or stuff.
    When I saw your video about the Toppik fibers I immediately bought them
    online. But I rather use products that will help growing my hair back
    instead of using camouflage.

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