Receding Hairlines and Baldness : How to Detect Balding

While you might detect early signs of thinning hair on your own, the most thorough way to detect balding is through a microscopic evaluation called miniaturi…

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  1. My dad is bald, so does that mean I’m going bald too? In my family i’ve
    always had the thickest hair. Will I get bald? How can I know if i’m
    starting to get hairline/bald etc? Thanks for a reply 🙂

  2. my dad’s hair is receeding, and now mine is too…i used to have thick
    hair, but I noticed the crown area is thinning.

  3. @Theandy1000 Your mum carries the ‘bald’ gene, as it’s passed down through
    the female side. Your dad’s hair has no bearing on what will happen to
    yours… So you need to look at whether your mum’s brothers are bald,
    because her mum (your grandma) would have passed on her genes to that
    generation of family, and this is the easiest way to tell (that is unless
    you have older brothers of your own).

  4. my family doesnt have a history of baldness,My dad only started balding on
    his crown,of the head in his early 50s,my mom sides of the family had full
    hair.until very old age,I however started balding in on my crown at age
    30,Im perplexed over this, im going on 36 ,and that baldspot is rapidly
    getting bigger,Im trying everything I can to no success

  5. Im 17 years old and my hair started thinning during the summer…my whole
    dads side of the family has thick beautiful hair and none of them are bald
    or even balding…my moms side has no baldness either…my moms dad has
    thin hair but no baldness and he is in his 70s…my moms youngest brother
    has thin area in the crown and temples but that didnt happen until his late
    20s early 30s…why is mine happeneng now!?!?!?! my father had thicker hair
    than me and he was in his 50s…PLEASSEE HELP

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  9. dont worry bro. for now grow a fringe or something.. or embrace it. TRUST
    ME. im 17 with a big forhead. when i do actually go bald.. it wont be so
    bad 😛 trust me.

  10. the “bald gene” chromosome is carried and passed on to you by your mother?
    guess ill be keeping a full head of hair well into my 60s and 70s if i take
    care of my hair

  11. well no one on my moms side is bald, and I have thick-ass hair, so fuck

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