Remedies For Hair loss-Oils and Vitamins For Hair Growth -Beautyklove

You can find everything I mentioned in this video here: http://rdy.cr/454de9 More info here: http://allthatmakeup1.blogspot.com/2013/03/hairtalk-series-3-how…

Hair regrowth expert


  1. Inwas wondering if u can make a makup and hair video for graduation? My mom
    is graduating from college and agreed I do her hair and makup. Thanks!

  2. DEM OILZ! 🙂 You’re so helpful and informative you have the best
    hair-related channel on YouTube, for reals <3 Love ya girl! x

  3. @Thalia Grace- I only wash my hair every other day or twice a week. It also
    really depends on the activities that I’m doing as well. :)

  4. Is castor oil or almond oil better for growing out hair faster? Does anyone

  5. OMG, thank you sooooooooooo much cause I NEEDED this video! I don’t have
    that much hair fall but I needed to grow my hair faster cause it grows VERY
    slowly!!! Thank you!!! :)

  6. Thank you so much, this video is so complete. I love it, you are the best.

  7. Hi thank you so much I’m so much glad that you make a video again it really
    helps, keep up the work never give up.. Love your hair looks very beautiful

  8. I have ben usin castor ol, almond oil, v-E oil, lavand er oil and avocado
    oil al together 2x a week for 3 months and my hair has grown veery long and
    fast,so pleae use them I will use them 4-EVER!!!!

  9. Remedies For Hair loss-Oils and Vitamins For Hair Growth -Beautyklove 

  10. Thank you so much!! You’re one of the BEST beauty gurus <3 Love yah!! :)))

  11. Hi Beautyklove do you remember me?
    Check out my second channel with the picture of a kitty.
    I really love love love your vids. And hope every one loves it also.
    Thanks. Bye!

  12. i’m mixing all of them with shea butter and i’m using for a whole night
    before whasing it and it is amazingggg really 

  13. do you watch anime? if so whats your fav? if you don’t, WATCH ONE PIECE!!!
    luv ya

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