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  1. Is your hair thinning because it’s falling out in clumps? Learn what you
    can do about it here!

  2. You know I love you girrrllll! Always excited to see another video and with
    valuable information as always! Thanks for the love and yes I agree hair
    tutorial please!!! When you can of course because I hear Eden trying to
    take over! Lol

  3. Thank you for this video. Very important information. I blamed twisting my
    locks for my hair thinning, but then my eyebrows disappeared too and I sure
    wasn’t twisting them. LOL…I’m perimenopausal, so I believe my hair loss
    was hormonal, which probably wouldn’t have been so bad if I had been taking
    my vitamins, which I was not. Now daily vitamins and lots of water are part
    of my regimen.

  4. Thanks Cassandre. 🙂 It was helpful! Also, I started juicing my greens
    and I bought a new hair conditioner and I have to say I noticed less hair
    coming out! I will keep you posted on how the process is going! God Bless
    you and thanks again for the video!

  5. I guess I should mention I need a thick hair pudding for my hair and I came
    to the conclusion that my hair was severely dried out! Yikes… So I did a
    deep condition treatment and soaked it in several oils and put a thick
    coconut cream conditioner on my hair and it feels amazing! I am also
    taking vitamins now that my doctor prescribed.. Anyhow that is my update. 

  6. Great video! Can you please state the name of the redken product you
    mentioned thanks!!!

  7. I had found out I had an iron deficiency so they should probably definitely
    their doctor and have a blood test to find out what their levels are.

  8. Do you think the hair shaft thickeners are longterm ? Will it cause
    dryness, since (here’s my technical self coming out) there’s multiple
    barriers added on the strands themselves, making it harder for anything to
    go in and out?

  9. Major reasons for hair loss also include an overlooked factor: diet and
    lifestyle. People tend to eat all sorts of processed foods without
    realizing the impact on hair and skin. Also, increased stress from life
    changes, work, relationships, etc can cause hair loss as well as lack of
    exercise/circulation. We tend to be very pill obsessed. I had my only child
    30 years ago and nursed him until he was two with zero hair loss. In fact,
    my hair was at ita most beautiful then. I started growing my hair out right
    at the change of life stage a feew years ago and it is full and healthy and
    still with only 1-2 strands of gray. It is not heriditary because my mom
    and sisters were gray in their 30s and had thinning hair. It is my hope
    that more naturals understand that lifestyle (fruits and veggies and
    exercise and relaxation) is far powerful than anything one can buy in a
    bottle of shampoo or vitamin.

  10. I’m currently losing hair 4months postpartum and not on any medication what
    do you thing could help. 

  11. Hey Cassandre your hair is beautiful you are my hair crush! Are you into
    hair typing? If so, would you say that you are 4b? Your hair looks really
    similar to mine and I am trying to figure out what mine would be.

  12. I wish I had money for that red light laser….but then i’d be concerned
    about side effects

  13. There are some solutions that can be taken to minimize hair loss and start
    regrowing hair naturally without expensive treatments. Natural, homemade
    remedies work well for people who take action early. I found a natural cure
    as Argan life which does not contain any chemicals like sulphate, alcohol,
    salt and dye. It works pretty well for my hair. Also, you can find this
    products on eBay.

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