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Sneak peak in my life! Subscribe to my VLOG Channel! http://www.youtube.com/user/RajiOsahnMua Amla is know to treat hair in many ways! I love it and recommen…

Hair regrowth expert


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  2. *hi raji. Can you please do a video on what foundations are the best for
    people with yellow undertones???*

  3. Can not wait to get my hands on this. You have gorgeous hair in your videos
    but this time it looked like you’d just left the salon!

  4. I wished she shipped to the United States…Your hair looks lovely and I
    would love to use such excellent quality Amla powder. I already use henna
    and amla juice.

  5. whic contacts are you wearing? and have you ever used henna in your hair
    does it come out orange?

  6. Hi raji, your hair is so nice and so full. I love love the color….what
    color is it and by whom, please do let us know. Thks for the great reviews
    you do :)

  7. Your hair looks amazing here! What about for lighter browns / dark blondes?
    I use lots of oils but, I have been sick for a little over 3 yrs I mean
    pretty sick I had luxurious really thick hair and it is falling out,o you
    think this might help?

  8. hi,can i use this product on blonde lightened hair??mine is waist lenghth
    but i think its getting thinner ,would this help me do you think? love
    your channel btw x

  9. The dabur amla oil was for me not good im getting more hair loss… But
    trying this powder

  10. Hi Raji ! Can u do a video on nutrition and health for preventing hair
    loss?? Like Natural home remedies?? Please and Thank you! 

  11. Hey sweetie 🙂 I love watching your videos about natural products and
    holistic health! So many girls don’t know about these things! I have got
    amla powder but I will definitely leave it to sit for 2 hours and then
    leave it for 2 hours on the hair- I was just leaving it for 10 minutes
    before so I never saw any results! Thank you for these tips 🙂 

  12. That looks awesome! I’m going to check out the website for sure. 

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