Rogaine Review – Does rogaine work ? Hair Loss

Review of my experience with rogaine. rogaine extra strength, male pattern baldness, going bald, loosing hair, hair treatment, hair medication, hair vitamins…

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  1. Im pretty sure itchy and sometimes a bit of burning feeling is normal with
    this stuff. I havnt had that with this rogaine, but i had it with a nioxin
    one i used a few years earlier. Unless its really painful i wouldnt worry
    about it, keep using it.

  2. wes, thx for the post. question for you is, you say you wouldnt recommend
    minoxidil…isnt minoxidil the active ingredient in rogaine? so not sure
    what you mean by that. thx

  3. i dont think it would be a problem, thats a herbal thing isnt it? thanks
    for watching.

  4. Surely you have heard there is no money in the cure, only the medicine…

  5. Wow you really dont understand how great business works. Allow me to
    enlighten you somewhat as to how it works. The result of what you have in
    mind would be stupendously amazing, although once everyone alive has then
    been taken care of…the company is now on standby until more people start
    buying, and that of course would be in small slow numbers that arent
    profitable. of course by your logic you wouldnt just treat those WITH the
    condition you would treat all people to prevent it from starting

  6. Before the hair started growing back, did you lose hair for a while in
    those places? I haven’t tried any of this yet. Probably won’t until I have
    a better job.

  7. i didnt really notice much shedding myself, but another guy that commented
    noticed a heap of shedding, and from memory i think thats normal and
    probably good. But read the direction, i think its normal. You get the
    newer stronger hair after this i think.

  8. if you read alot of the online reviews on forums etc. alot of people
    switched to alternative brands, and were dissapointed and ended up
    switching back. I think there is some difference between the two products.

  9. I read that liquid does better than foam. You could try it out and see if
    there is better improvements.

  10. at the very beginning yes, but then i went off the propecia, i’ve just used
    rogaine since.

  11. Yeah I researched it heavily many months ago. My hair is still really thick
    but I’ve noticed a little thinning up top and would like to get it back. 😛
    I just have a mohawk, and if I start shedding I have a feeling I’ll have to
    go back to shaving my whole head for a while.

  12. thanks for the comment, could you tell me have you reduced your usage of
    it? or are you not using it at all any more. I found that when i stopped
    using it receeded back again very quickly, tell us more of your story mate

  13. ı use arganrain products from w(dot)arganrainproducts(dot)com ı am happy
    with the way it works. thicker, fuller hair and using with minoxidil 15% ı
    am getting great hair growth…much more than even when ı was younger.
    recommend to others…good luck …..to you!

  14. Thanks for that. I will probably give it a try next month. Whilst I don’t
    have noticeable baldness there has been a bit of thinning at the crown and
    left side of my hair. My hair is not as thick as it was in my 20s. I am 44
    so some thinning of the hair is expected for most men. The sides and the
    back of the hair is very thick just the crown and the left side
    particularly the front part where thinning has occurred.

  15. How’s your hair now? Is there a new video? This video was posted in March
    2013 so, there must have been a noticeable progress if this really worked
    for you.

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