RU58841 Treatment for Hair loss

Premade Solutions – http://tinyurl.com/l8poxp5 RU58841 is a topical antiandrogen that can help halt the effects of MPB. It is not proven to regrow hair but r…

Hair regrowth expert


  1. Thanks for posting this man! I actually searched youtube with the phrase
    “RU58841” and your video seems to be the only out there. How long have you
    been using RU? could you provide a link to the website of the company you
    are ordering from? I’ve been doing some research and Im thinking about
    giving it a try. I’ve been on Fin for a little over a year. I feel like I
    need some extra help with my hairline though. It seems to really be
    suffering. Has this helped your hairline much?

  2. Nice vid, very articulate. I would stay away from fin as it really effects
    labedo and gave me brain fog. There are also several legal cases pending
    against merc for not disclosing the full affect of sides. RU58841 sounds
    amazing, but I’m allergic to the pg, so I could not use it even if I wanted

  3. Hey guys I had taken this video down due to the quality control issues with
    the source I mentioned in the video. If you are interested in RU58841
    please find a reliable source and do not use the Chinese sources. The
    amount of impurities are just unacceptable and for many they caused
    horrible side effects. These middlemen buy from whichever source is
    cheapest. Every batch is different. Some are good and you see great results
    others are horrible and cause side effects. Stick with american labs!

  4. @WESEIZETHEWORLD Raxus Chem Trade is the only company I trust for RU58841
    and RUM (in some of my later videos)

  5. Amazing this really works! I’ve been using this product called: Hair 790
    Formula and thus within just weeks I’m noticing results! You can just
    google the website I cannot recall the web address.

  6. That was really amazing to watch . It’s an ingredient I wanted to try but
    wasn’t sure what it had to be mixed with and how to use it . Now I did take
    dutas instead of my propecia and yea it was great but it did start to
    affect one of my pecs under the nipple . I got a small lump of breast
    tissue .soon as I stopped it , the tissue went . Do you take it every day ?
    Also I know FU is so expensive I live in the UK can you tell me the best
    place to purchase it ? Thank you so much

  7. Has someone read about Hair 790 Formula? My friend applied the formula on
    his head and he began noticing the growth of hair after a few weeks! I cant
    remember the site just simply google the name.

  8. Im not real smart on kemestry but have you constered demineralized water as
    a vihecle it gets obsorbed by the skin aswell

  9. For healthy hair, Treat your hair very carefully. Do not brush it unless it
    needs brushing. Avoid blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons. Don’t dye
    it, perm it or relax it. Use a hot oil treatment once a week to enhance
    shine and overall health. Use a gentle shampoo without sulfates, which can
    dry and damage hair. I would recommend you this arganrain..net Sulfate,
    Slicone, Alcohol, Salt and Dye Free try to use better/proffessional
    shampoos/conditioner make a route,wash your hair less

  10. Your the best! I want to order RU from Raxus to be delivered to Australia,
    however their website does not work AT ALL. Seems like most of the elements
    to the website are under maintenance? How do you order it? Did you fill out
    a form and email it to them? Perhaps I have the wrong website? Could you PM
    me the website you buy from. I don’t want to order it from china and I am
    relieved to see your getting yours from a US source.

  11. How long you’ve been applying it? You have great hair especially in the
    temple area.

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