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  1. You should look into getting supercritical CO2 extract which is known to be
    even more potent than the standardised extract. In addition you should look
    into adding beta sitosterol as it’s meant to be much stronger than saw
    palmetto. Also nettle root and pygeum which blocks dht and estrogen.

  2. it blocks dht allright…my penis went numb lost my libido fucked up my
    nervous system and my emotions went very flat this all happened after I
    quit taking the drug for 3 weeks…my body crashed…I took 1000mg everyday
    on and off for just 3 months…while on the drug my libido was to the ROOF
    and the first few days while taking this I had to pee every 30
    minutes…that passed…then all was fine…but as soon as u quit taking it
    goodbye to your life…cheers!

  3. I’ve been taking the berry for a week now and the shredding has been rapid,
    so much so it freaked me out when I saw it in the mirror.

  4. not what the bottle said…in total 940 mg not at once 2 caps in the
    morning then 2 caps at night after 1 year im still fucked no morning
    erections little feeling on dick and i can never feel horny that feeling is
    broken im just 25

  5. have you noticed any side effects? i got a few vids on rogaine on my site
    i’ll sub your channel

  6. Wow, the comments on here are so positive… NNNOOOOOOT!!! Lol!! Ok so it
    has bunkhouse side effects for guys, what’s it gonna do for women? I had
    been using Argan oils, supplements, pure biotin, doing Castor oil and
    Sesame Seed oil trreatments every 3 days, switched to Just Naturals
    Conditioner Products ONLY on my hair, no shampoos, took Hair Essentials
    Supplements, and finally, resorted to HAIR CLUB FOR WOMEN! That’s the ONLY
    THING THAT WORKED FOR ME! As y’all can see now, I GOT HAIR!

  7. Use Minoxidil with Azelaic Acid in it because (Azelaic Acid) inhibits
    (Type:I TypeII) D.H.T on the scalp which plays a major factor in hair loss.

  8. u know what will fully inhibit dht? stop masturbating or having sex. as
    soon as we men ejaculate, the testosterone converts to dht from our glands
    and into our scalps and the people that are sensitive to dht will get
    effected. lessen the masturbation or stop it for a month and let ur scalp
    heal and regenerate hair before u go back to a balanced sex/masturbation

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