Scientists Find Vitamin D Could Cure Baldness For Millions Of Men!

Several research teams are targeting vitamin D and its receptors in the … new evidence that it could help treat common forms of baldness. … Crucial to th…

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  1. Just wanna say yes it does i see great results i use nioxin to clean my
    hairs and i use super grow couse it had Vitamin D in it i also take 5000 iu
    vitamine D every two days

  2. Could it be so that when vitamin D levels get low, our bodies are trying
    shred hair in order to make more skin exposable to sunlight?

  3. well does it really work? hair transplant and hair regrow are expensive &
    usually didn’t work.

  4. Well we white ppl lived in europe the ice age, and there wasn’t really
    allot of sunshine for us anyway…but…that would mean baldness doesn’t
    happen to who sun allot..

  5. If that were the case, then you wouldn’t see many balding people who live
    in sunny climates and who are outdoors and exposed to the sun a lot.

  6. When my hair started falling out I spent a fortune on Rogaine. Finally, I
    just gave up and started shaving my head and now the sun reflecting off my
    scalp blinds people

  7. Propecia causes IRREVERSIBLE lMPOTENCE in most men. Keep away from that
    fucking drug ! Also don’t fall for those BULLSHIT PROPECIA TESTIMONIALS
    being posted by Merck employees using multiple-accounts. When fighting
    baldness just shave your head … and be happy … that;s it !

  8. Propecia causes Permanent lmpotence in most men. Merck employees are going
    around posting fake testimonials about propecia. All the videos that praise
    propecia use COMMENT PENDING APPR0VAL. Every single one of them. It allows
    them to censor negative-comments from victims. Merck employees use
    multiple-accounts and have surrogates on the web (like: HairlossHelp101 and
    NorthWestHaiR) to post bullshit testimonials !!! BEWARE !!!

  9. well, if vit D3 does help hair growth, how come people in Africa where
    there is a lot of sunshine don’t have long hair? Also, some of them are

  10. Going bald is very frustrating and annying…specially when all the
    ”remedies” seem to be to expensive,and in some cases, hopeless when you
    dont see any results…

  11. After trying many shampoos I finally came across this ..Arganl ife… It
    does exactly what ı wanted it to do. Don’t expect to regrow your hair over
    night however, constant use is necessary. This is perfect for those that
    are in the initial stages of balding, because this stops it while you are
    using the product. Do not stop taking it after you see results, or you will
    begin losing again.

  12. Arganr.ain is like a shampoo that helps with hair loss they sell it at hair
    solons or maybe at stores where they sell beauty products only. Google it
    or arganr ain 🙂 

  13. My hair has highlights, and always gets very dry at the ends. After I
    bought argan life shampoo , my problem is over. My hair is silky as ever. 

  14. Unfortunately there still not many options out there. Hair loss is tough
    and the best way to find what works for you is seeing your doctor. There is
    a great product to prevent hair lose and grow it faster; named Arganr.ain 

  15. *Massage your scalp with an Argan Rain Argan Oil Hair Treatment lotion
    which is sulfate free and contains no alcohol and wash it off.(consult an
    aurvedic chemist to prepare a lotion suitable for your kind of hair) or
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    fight with hair loss.*

  16. Vitamin D won’t work as a treatment for male-pattern baldness (MPB). Your
    chances of winning the battle against MPB by using Vitamin D are equal to
    the chances of a snowball surviving in hell. Currently, the only thing
    available that is highly effective against MPB is synthetic 5-alpha
    reductase inhibitors / DHT blockers. Two such drugs exist. Propecia
    (finasteride) is one of these, and the other is Avodart (dutasteride).
    Rogaine and Nizoral shampoo are of some benefit, but they are much less
    effective than Propecia or Avodart. Everything else that’s currently out
    there is either completely useless or of very, very limited use. There are
    some very promising potential treatments on the horizon, most notably the
    topical antiandrogen CB-03-01, which is believed to be even more effective
    than Propecia and with no side-effects. However, it will be several more
    years before any of these treatment options are available, and so in the
    meantime, it is pretty much Propecia/Avodart or nothing.

  17. I believe that my hair loss stop entirely, but I’m sure if it help me it
    could help you too. You should use it with pure argan oil on the website of
    Argan life 

  18. Though your hair has been falling out like crazy, you still will regrow
    your hair from now on.

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