Steve’s Hair Loss Blog 3 – Hair Replacement and Me

http://www.totalcoverplus.co.uk Hi My name is Steve. I’m a 23 year old musician and I have classic male pattern baldness. It had a vastly negative effect on …

Hair regrowth expert


  1. Thank you for your comment. Yes you can actually find it in Germany. Please
    let us know where you are based and we will advise regarding a salon. you
    can email us directly if you like. Best regards, Total Cover Plus

  2. Hi there, i was wondering if you are updating your next style and what you
    plan for next time ? your last one with karen was the best you have had in
    my opinion, the systems look so great and undetectable.

  3. No answer to my comment below! Hmm these been answers to other people
    queries on some of the other clips but not this query. Makes me a little

  4. I actually find the full cap in the video from HD Hair doesn’t look so
    good. But generally the basic idea is the same. However we use a differnt
    bonding method to allow more comfort and a stronger hold.

  5. Unfortunately we do not have any photos yet, but we will create a video

  6. Hi, im in central america, how can i buy it in here or by mail and do it my

  7. Hi it is £269. But we also have a Saver Deal. For more info please go to
    the Total Cover Plus webiste and click on price. Best regards, Total Cover

  8. Do you want to know more about day to day life with a hair system? Check
    out Steve’s hair loss blog: Steve’s Hair Loss Blog 3 – Hair Replacement and

  9. Hi the salons are open on Saturdays, however they are closed on Sundays.
    Please feel free to ask, if you have further questions. Best regards

  10. Hi, we have services available in Germany soon. Please go to the website
    and email us so that we can give you teh full details for Germany. Best

  11. you can’t see anything. ..im wearing one aswell and is so friking
    amaizing….today is my new system and I can’t wait so see it !:-D

  12. Is there a detail you want to know more about? A question we haven’t
    answered? Steve will be more than happy to reply to any questions you post
    under his videos: Steve’s Hair Loss Blog 3 – Hair Replacement and Me

  13. Reading at all the bad comments on here is unbelievable.

    You all say it looks fake because you all know that Steve is wearing a hair
    replacement right? but what if you never saw him before and you just happen
    to see him walking in the streets would you stare at him and then think
    yeah he is wearing a hair replacement?

    I don’t think so because it does look natural so no one can tell.

    Most people in general are so ignorant.

  14. +Total Cover Plus Hair Systems,my question is 1.being in the US,would I
    have to fly bk and forth every couple of months to london to fix up my hair
    2. I am going bald but not like steve,yet.I still have hair growing in the
    front but not in the back.Can I use this system still? 3,in US $ what is
    the price point for something like this?
    Thanks guys,cheers!

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