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  1. why didn’t you include genetic?Can this be used to prevent Male Pattern
    Baldness? Is this video for baldness or for mild hairfall in everyone?

  2. By eating this ,can you get back hair you have lost ? And does hair loss
    has an conection with height ,like when youre starting to have receding
    hair line at age 16 you cant grow taller ? Is that true , or can you still
    grow taller at 16 even if youre having a receding hairline? Plz answer this
    as soon as you can.

  3. It’s best to eat the oil as this is all about nourishing the hair roots
    from the inside. But you can also massage your hair with Olive Oil if you
    want. I have been doing it for the last ten years.

  4. Thanks for the appreciation. I am working on a couple of more videos –
    though there are plenty of more videos on growing muscles on youtube. As
    for your beard, it will grow as your hormones increase and you come of a
    certain age. Don’t worry.

  5. I wouldn’t advice you to shave your head because of the hair fall or
    dandruff. You need to relook at the oil you are applying on the head and
    also how frequently you are shampooing. The hair fall is there because the
    hair roots are drying up on the inside. Outside oiling will not help and
    shampooing will make it worse in your case. You need to start eating EXTRA
    VIRGIN OLIVE OIL – 2 tsp in lunch and dinner applied to your rotis or
    poured on your dal every day. Hair fall will stop.

  6. My husband has been using ” arganrain products ” for about 3 months now,
    along with the organic arganrain argan oil and we have noticed that where
    there was no hair at all, there is now quite a lot of new hair growing.
    This is not for someone who wants to see instant results – it does take a
    while before you will notice a difference. Google ” arganrain hair products

  7. sir I m 24 yeaers old.. my name is usman.. I m losing my hairs 15 to 20 per
    day in doing shower shampoo.. nd have lots of dandruff also have itching
    problem due to acne on my head.. what should u recommend for me.. ??? I
    shall be very thankful to u…

  8. sir m suffring from hair loss age 23 doing shower shampoo, i do evrythng
    oiling diets all that but its nt work please help me. how to stop hair fall
    n get thicker my hair

  9. Minoxidil + (ketconoazole) shampoo = HAIR ( please try it and prove me

  10. hi sir i m 20 ….,i have hair loss proalem ,i try to stop hair fall using
    song tips, when i applyed cknt oil its increase,and wnen i bath , Give me
    sir sol fr hair loos, or is there any treatment for hair loss ,an d what
    cost is that … I think i hope sir..

  11. Uff im eating proteins meat fish n even fish codliver tablets I hv realy
    long hair but they r not stop fallin My head front part is quite visible
    now Tell me wot2do

  12. my name is rahil….I am from hyderabad… first i use to have good
    hairs… till my school but when i came to engineering my baldness is
    totally visible… nw ther are very less hairs,,, nw wt shud i do to get
    back those … hairs…plsss its a request…

  13. Hi sir! Ur videos are very informative and perhaps the most helpful ones
    that we have on youtube. I thank you on behalf of all of us here to whom u
    have been of immense help. Sir, I am going to marry soon ,request you for
    any other advice on getting a fair complexion,my skin is wheatish.Kindly
    help.seeking ur blessings! Om sai raam!

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  15. If the cause of the hair loss is due to hypothyroidism, then broccoli and
    cabbage must be completely avoided because they are known to be goiterous.
    If one wants to eat them they should therefore be well cooked and not raw
    as you say.

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