The BEST Drugstore Product for Hair Loss/Hair Fall! 2 month Experiment WITH PHOTOS! (L’Oréal Paris)

OPEN ME! Hey guys, I still cannot believe how incredible this product line was for hair loss. I don’t think I am ever going to switch out from using it! I ju…

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  1. I have oily hair as well…usually by the 3rd day its revolting, and I have
    to either tie it up, or wash it. The good thing is that the oils in our
    hair are actually great for you! So keep it oily for as long as you can if
    you have no where to go. I limit my hair washings usually because of it.
    The products in this video didnt make it feel heavy at all. I also didnt
    find that it greased or dryed out my hair any differently than it normally
    is… I did feel like it was kinda fuller feeling.

  2. I have had spots of Alopecia for 2 years now and I have tried everything
    nothing worked until now I am not sure which one is working the ” arganrain
    argan oil ” or ” ARGANRain Hair Loss Treatment” because I am using both but
    on Monday the 7th I noticed peach fuss on all of the alopecia spots; I was
    surprised and will continue to use both products.

  3. Hi Brian! I did find the conditioner essential because I felt like it
    completed the treatment…my hair felt silky and smooth immediately after.
    I also could be more biased because my hair gets teased alot, so when I
    massage the conditioner into my hair, I feel like it helps release all
    those hairs and any tangles I may have caused throughout the day. The hair
    mask though I left in my hair for about 7-10 minutes! The days I used the
    hair mask I did not use the conditioner. I hope this helps!

  4. Thankyou for the information and feedback. i have just started taking the
    tablet Biotin to help and have been looking for a shampoo etc also. My hair
    loss has increased alot the past week or so and i have been looking for the
    right shampoo etc, this i will buy and try for myself. x

  5. hey wasssup! Have you tried – Trifecta Epic Hair Growth Plan (probably on
    Google)? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my GF at last said
    ta ta to the embarassing hair thinning issue with it.

  6. My hair falls wayyyyyy more than that, but I was diagnosed with Telogen

  7. my hair is exactly the same as yours and I was losing a lot of hair every
    hair wash, I bought this and I’m hoping it works as well for me as It did
    for you, so far I’m loving it.

  8. Hello, are these products are good for the hair wont dry out, good for the
    hair not falling as much that did help you

  9. Hi, so I see you have natural curly hair, and I need your help. So alot of
    people say brushing your hair in the shower or just when it’s wet, is very
    bad, because you’ll get more hair fall off because of that. However my
    hairdresser said thatappereantly you need to treat curly hair different
    than straight hair. So she said, don’t brush your hair, because it will
    damage your curls, only brush it when it’s wet. Since your hair is natural
    and beautiful curled is their something you watch out for ?

  10. ı’m african american and arganraın products works great on my hair. ıt
    really helps my hair grow. my family and friends are now using it. my
    friend is caucasian and says her thinning hair is becoming thicker. be sure
    to follow the directions. good luck!

  11. im using this shampoos because my hair breaks easy and it works! its
    amazing it smells great you should buy it

  12. Thank you for sharing I appreciate it and will give this product a try.

  13. Shall give this a try i thought of buying the argan line as well. Bit since
    there is a cheaper alt that works why not.

  14. can i just say this product simply adds a layer over the hair which acts as
    a synthetic barrier preventing damage such as split ends (it probs wont
    repair the damage that is already there) but in doing this it weighs the
    hair down permanently until its washed with another shampoo that doesn’t
    contain the protein formula.
    i used all 3 products in 1 day to find my hair was like silk but during the
    night i kept being woken up by stray hairs on my face! i can only imagine
    that it KILLS the hair thats towards the end of its life cycle because its
    being weighed down and falls out then once all the old hair is gone it
    gives the impression that the woman in the vid gave that hair fall is
    minimal however the hair that was meant to fall has already fallen in the
    first 3 weeks also my hair went very flat the day after using it. sorry
    guys just my opinion from personal experience.(im sticking to tressemme

  15. Your hair is thinning. As we get older in life our hair loses keratin. Be
    careful, try taking biotin. If u lack of vitamins u will see a difference.
    My daughter’s hair fell out twice as much, she is only 5! Taking biotin
    made it better n more shine. Hope u the best

  16. I ‘ ve been using arganrain products for about three months now. ı haven’t
    noticed hair growth but I have noticed less hair falling out.ıf nothing
    else this product feels good and leaves your hair feeling clean – not
    oily or rough . . .

  17. I have been trying this product upon your recommendation and I have to say
    its working pretty well. I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks now and I
    feel that I am starting to see a difference in my hair fall. I hope I’m not
    imagining the results. Like if you really believe a product will work but
    it actually doesn’t; you will trick yourself into seeing results. Like a
    placebo effect. For some reason I can’t find the matching hair mask in my
    area, so I’m only able to use the shampoo and conditioner. I think it does
    greatly reduce hair fall, and I can’t argue your amazing results! I’m sooo
    happy it worked for you!

    My only complaint is that my hair isn’t as soft as it was with my old
    shampoo and conditioner brand. Maybe that result would be different if I
    was able to get the hair mask, but sadly I have visited 5 different
    drug/grocery stores and two beauty supply stores, and they just don’t sell
    the hair mask here. Before I was using this product I was faithfully using
    the Treseme split end remedy. I don’t have split ends anymore mainly
    because I trimmed them all off and stopped bleaching my hair. However, I
    believe Treseme had a big part in it as well. Especially keeping them from
    coming back! I mean, in all honesty, a shampoo and conditioner can only do
    so much for the health of your hair. Like everyone always says, trimming
    your hair is the most helpful thing you can do for your hair health, or at
    least that’s what I’ve always heard.
    Anyways, I kept using the Treseme products even after my split ends were
    gone cause it smelled amazing and made my hair softer than any other drug
    store shampoo and conditioner ever could.

    I’m going to stick with the l’oreal product until the bottles are empty. I
    purchased the 25.4oz bottles for $5 and some odd cents each. They are about
    1/3 empty right now, so I figure I have about 6 more weeks worth of washing
    until the bottles are empty.

    We shall see how I feel about the product at the end of my journey. 🙂


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