The Cure for Hair Loss | Matt Mulholland

I talk about going bald, and we learn that I can’t pull off such a low neck singlet. CLICK TO SUBSCRIBE: http://tiny.cc/mattsubscribe Facebook: http://tiny.cc/mmfbpage Twitter: http://tiny.cc/mmt…

Hair regrowth expert


  1. there is nothing wrong with the homeless guy. Actually, that might make it
    more enjoyable. 

  2. I’m wondering Matt, does this also count for pubes?

  3. I want Matt to look like Harry hill by the end of the week

  4. How about a fedora, look cool musician type. You have them close to bed,
    when you take off your hat you already have momentum…sorry just heard
    about hats at the end…fedora, cool musical type, perfect.

  5. I’m loving your recent videos, Matt. And my advice is to not worry too much
    about the hair loss too much. Sex drive would be a far worse thing to be
    lacking in my opinion.

  6. I’m 20 years old and I have the hairline of a 35 year old. Shit is
    ridiculous. No bald spots yet, though.

  7. Go back to your roots;
    Shave your head and get prison tattoos.

  8. There was a Caboki ad before this video. And there is a caboki banner ad
    under the video. 😀 😀 :D

  9. meh, sex driv is overratedu
    while lotsa hair is still nice to hav just for komfiness~

    …that said, I still need to experiment with goink shiny bald. that’s
    stiiiill before me. Right after I get some sufficiently fancy lookink hat,
    that is.

  10. Basically, your hair is fine at the moment, but as soon as you start
    getting ugly bald patches, you should shave it off. Chicks don’t mind
    complete baldness

  11. Have you considered a hair transplant – you could take the hair from your
    balls and put it on your head ;)

  12. If you aren’t going to fuck anyway, at least you can get some hair.
    And then you won’t care about fucking either.

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