Thinning Edges and Hair Loss remedy ramble

Ya’ll know I talk alot This style was a twist and curl on an old flatiron using Carol’s Daughters Mimosa Hair Honey and Eco Styler gel. Just talking about how I suffered some thinning hair…

Hair regrowth expert


  1. Great video! I hav alopecia in my nape area bac of my head, wht was the
    full name of the nettle product u brought? I wud like 2 purchase tht!

  2. Hope this work for me! I had my son march 17 and the anethesia took my hair
    all out I had to get my hair shaved to grow it back. I look a mess I hate
    looking in the mirror & since being out of work I can’t afford the natural
    looking wigs right now, I’m hating life right now. I don’t even have enough
    hair for braids, to top it off my hair is growing so slow. I love your
    hair, wish mine would grow like that!

  3. “It looks like Moses parted your hair, girl” LMAO!!!! You are so wrong for
    that!!! So funny!

  4. Glad to see your hair growing back with just a homemade remedy. Edgeless is
    a few of wig wearers middle name.

  5. Look at God lol you was gona take down an important video lol that was God
    that day lol 

  6. You are the ONLY natural on youtube that I’ve found to have hair like mine
    (I was looking into a mirror when I watched your flexi-rod tutorial).
    PLEASE share how you achieved the hairstyle in this new video and what
    products you are using. xoxo

  7. Thanks for sharing your story with us. So many of us have had set backs in
    our natural hair journey. Months back I had one section in front that just
    broke off for no known reason. Its grown back now and then some. I agree
    that castor oil helps with thinning hair loss. I’d like to know the name
    of the last product you showed and what hair vitamin you use. Thanks!!!

  8. You should look into the ketogenic diet. I’ve been on it for a year now and
    I noticed a HUGE difference in my hair and skin..and I lost 50lbs! It’s
    also known to help with depression. Worth a try 🙂 So glad youre making
    videos again…missed your face!

  9. I wonder if the hair loss was mainly due to the fact that you were down
    during the first time of the year? Especially if you had to take
    medication. I have seen women who shed depending on their emotional state
    and maybe hormones levels, but it’s a just a possibility.

  10. I am honestly so proud of you! All those delays were definitely God and I
    am so glad you decided to keep it up because it shined a new light on
    mental health. I am still praying for you. Philippians 4:6 <3
    Peace*Light&God's Love

  11. I’ve been watching you for a long time now, I’ve had traction alopecia
    since I was 30, i’m 55 now. I would be honored if you reviewed my newly
    patent Lace Wig Support Straps, you can find the playlist on my channel to
    see them. I currently sell them on Amazon. I have two a black one for
    sew-ins and clear one for double-sided tape.

  12. Love your Natural Hair 🙂
    I also use the Black Castor Oil the only thing i don’t like about it is the
    smell, to me it smells like an ashtray 😉 LOL
    and i would like it even more if it was a bit thinner and not so thick and

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