Thinning Hair Causes/Remedies For African American Women Hair

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  1. haha yeah but in America.. apparently every black person comes from
    Africa..so..”African American” is just another word for black people ­čÖé

  2. Every black person does come from Africa people became slaves and migrated
    to the islands and other places

  3. I did not say black people don’t come from Africa in fact that was my
    point. Is there a such thing as African American hair? It’s like me saying
    black british hair. It make no sense. How is a black person’s hair living
    in America different to someone who is living in London or France for

  4. Are we including medications Or damage to the papilla or root Or
    suffocating the shaft with baseball caps and wigs over a long period of
    time Genetics ….This list can go on and on.

  5. Hi Breanna! Just wanted to say I visited your website and its phenomenal
    and very informative! I’m relaxed and I know now that I haven’t been
    properly caring for my relaxed hair. My hair has gotten thin, balding
    around my edges, and in the middle of my head. So again, thank you for your
    tips, very helpful! I do have a few questions on what I read off your site.
    I hope you can further assist me. To be continued.. running out of space.

  6. It doesn’t matter where you live..we are all African. “Black” is a title
    given to us to demean our race. How did black become a description for a

  7. Camera angles distracting. Reminded me of when a news anchor looks into the
    wrong camera and isn’t facing the audience.

  8. Thinning Hair Causes/Remedies For African American Women Hair

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    There are a couple of reasons why your hair is thinning other that age.
    Overtime as we get older, our hair will gradually get thinner which is only
    natural. As you are in age, bones, major organs, and extremities such as
    your hair, skin, and nails won’t be in the same shape they were when you
    were in your 20’s.

    “Well. I’m not old, or in old age, so why is my hair thinning?”…

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  9. Great video but sometimes you repeated a lot of the same thing.

  10. It really is…I myself happen to have fine (I’ve called it thin my whole
    life…calling it “fine” now lol) hair thanks to my grandparents, &am
    currently transitioning to natural. I’m not expecting a really thick lion’s
    mane, but I’m glad that I know what I’m getting into before I get into it.
    I’ve just had to accept the fact that I have fine hair, &that’s fine

  11. Sorry. Thought I saw the word “remedy”. But heard no remedies.

  12. Not Nappy it’s Wool Hair would u say that Jesus who is from the same set of
    people who are now African-Americans today (Tribe of Judah) Nappy Hair?
    Wool is as the same description as what the Racial stereotype known as
    Nappy which is a Slavemaster’s Term fits. So u don’t have Nappy Hair you
    have Wooly Hair!

  13. you all appear to be so critical of this person. why? I am thankful for the
    information. Thank you!

  14. Thank you for your positive comment I appreciate it and I’m glad I could
    help! -Bre

  15. How did you get your hair so thick? Do you use Castor Oil on your scalp
    daily or a few times a week? I heard Castor Oil is really good for thinning
    hair and I’m seeing a lot of videos from European and Asian women that are
    now using it.´╗┐

  16. Valuable information. I never realized that estrogen could be a factor as
    to why my hair is so super thin.
    I have been using HairCubed to add volume to my thinning hair and I love
    it. It’s instant and I don’t have to worry about it washing out. Have you
    heard of it before? If not, google it. I’m sure you’ll come to find more
    useful information on their sites.´╗┐

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