Thinning Hair – Glen’s Hair Loss Story – HIS Hair Clinic

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  1. Hey Glen – I have a very similar hairline and graphs in back of head – if
    you let your hair grow to a two blade would it still look good? Also could
    I contact you with some questions? Thanks, Mate Marc

  2. Fantastic result – transplant scars to all intents gone & looks
    particularly good from the front. Very realistic

  3. @Mwoody66 Hi Mark, a lot of our clients use the forums on our website –
    (the link’s above) đŸ™‚

  4. I can’t believe how much better you look! You have a great head shape for a
    close cut. I can tell you are emotional in the video. I can’t blame you.
    It’s a great improvement. Congrats on the transformation!

  5. this technique seems to work well on dark hair, I’ve yet to see a fair
    haired example of the tattoo which is convincing.

  6. Transplant is a horrible idea since it leaves scars that are there forever
    and you’re going to go bald and now your heads going to look dumb with
    scars all over it when you do go bald.

  7. do you recommend that we do laser scar removal treatments before doing the
    MHT? I have a strip scar and its atrophic in nature.

  8. That’s entirely up to you. Many clients are happy to have the treatment
    applied without them doing anything, other choose to get fraxel laser
    treatment and then come to us for SMP. And there are a few who have had
    fraxel done followed by body hair grafts into the scar and then finally SMP
    to give them maximum coverage

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