Thyroid Disease : Thyroid & Hair Loss in Women

An overactive thyroid can cause hair loss in both men and women, but appropriate treatments can halt the loss of hair. Find out how hair loss is usually asso…

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  1. Can thyroid problems be passed down from 1 generation to another

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  3. @MaraClaire NO.. I think you should know first why you are losing your
    hair.. Because sometimes its relevent to knw why your hair doesnt grow
    because of that treatment I guess.. I recommend you to try this hair loss
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  4. Its nice for physicians to talk about various subjects, but unless they are
    an Endocrinologist, they are not really qualified to discuss it.

  5. Has anybody tried Hair 790 Formula? My roommate applied the product on his
    scalp and quickly started seeing growth of hair after a few months! I cant
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  6. I have under active throid, I have been taking thyroid meds for 12yrs now,
    i use to have beautiful healthy long hair now I barley have hair, it is so
    depressing I don’t even want to look at my hair,not to mention weight gain,
    dry skin, joint pain, depression, mood swings, and super tired all the
    time, on top of all this I’m losing my eye brows, it’s getting shorter and
    shorter, Some one please help

  7. Has any one read about Hair 790 Formula? My uncle tried the formula on his
    head and soon after began seeing new hair growth within the four week
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  8. Hair loss is caused by many reasons such as malnutrition, illness, tension
    and other health problems. Badly damaged hair breaks at the scalp. Check
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  9. Go to the doctor…. thats all 🙂 I have also the symptoms that your are
    mentioning 🙂 hehe your not alone and also i haven’t go to the doctor yet
    and i have this for 3 yrs it started when i was 16 and i also have
    beautiful semi curly hair XD hahaha and I’m hoping that the doctor can fix
    me XD

  10. You can re-grow your hair naturally within 6 months, without pay a lot of
    money for surgery & costly treatment

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