Time Lapse – 18 months of hair loss treatment

I have been on a treatment for androgenic alopecia for 2 years now. Sadly, my cellphone was stollen with the last 6 pics of this project. So that is all that…

Hair regrowth expert


  1. dan. time lapse. i always was hairy. I under went some pretty severe
    medical procedures. there and back again. mine thinned out, then regrew.
    no matter what. my body can produce hair ( even on my back) and pimples
    yes still at age 54. not so old, but I should have been dead, many times.
    you have a unique gift . log as I live, I shall not forget, What do we say
    to the god of death? the answer is, no, not yet, but you dont scare me.
    thanks Dan.


  2. Would you mind sharing what treatment you used, and if there were any side
    effects? help us battle it too!

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