Tips on Hair Styling : How to Stop Hair Loss for Men & Women: The Most Effective Solutions

Products for stopping hair loss work for men and women and can be effective solutions approved by the FDA for premature balding. Learn solutions for preventi…

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  1. @mufeed25 You should definitely seek help. Preferably from a licenced
    doctor who may further direct you if needed. A lof of people talk like they
    know stuff about hair loss, but really don’t have a clue.

  2. @pankurockstar there are hair and scalp professionals called trichologists
    (not sure of the exact spelling sorry) If you can find one they may be able
    to help you. I also know of a girl who’s hair thinning was fixed with laser
    therapy. Good luck I hope you find something that works for you

  3. I have a simple solution. Buy a rug. Cut it to fit your head. People will
    love your threads.

  4. how do you naturally prevent hair loss? i mean like with fruits and

  5. @deltafour1212 how many MG? i am taking them but not working…I was using
    minoxidil than I stopped now all my hairs are falling off…fuck i want to

  6. guys im so worried im 22 and i got good hair and all, im a guy btw, but i
    shaved my head this summer and noticed i got less hair on the top of my
    head than on the sides and back, is that normal???

  7. @MonsterRespawn Aw that’s really funny. That’s an old picture, and I don’t
    wear my hair like that. And even then, I didn’t wear it like that every
    day, so mind your own business.

  8. hy mate i’m 19 yrs i hav a long hair n losing hair wen ever i shampoo o oil
    ma hair it falls out n its makin me bald from d front plzzzz plzzzzz help
    me out mate:(

  9. @rtarabay so the only thing to do is to wait buy a perruque and then do a
    hair transplant.i am depressed bcz of it 2. ineed to spend time so i
    arrange it in order to not look so bad + if i try to cut it short so i see
    how much empty gaps i have i look so old and ugly:@@@

  10. my hair is falling out all of the sudden and im too young for thiss do you
    have any organic remedies to share

  11. Im 14 and my hair is falling out from right under my.crown. I used to have
    really thick long hair a year ago but i didnt like it back then. Now i feel
    like im.getting bald spots and my hairs so thin. HELP Me i wanna cry :'(

  12. haha i dont have st8 hair n have fi deal with this lost hair …grownin mi
    hair since i was 10yrs n i iz 19 yrz …

  13. i have a question i’m a 15 yrold i loose 10-12 hairs a day. is it normal..
    everytime i comb my hair using my hand….theres like 2-4 hairs and when i
    do it again and again.. and i count it it is like 10-12 hairs.. is it
    normal? please reply anyone.?

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