Tom Balding Bits And Spurs

Tom Balding is one of the most successful bit and spur makers and his pieces are sought after all around the world. They have been proven to be Cowboy proof …

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  1. The tig welds are beautiful. Were they done with no stick for additional ss

  2. It makes me happy to know that there are people like you handcrafting to
    this degree of excellence.

  3. I especially love seeing these videos as I always wondered how bits were
    made. I am a silversmith and jeweller to trade ,but have not ever made
    anything for my horses .A job I would have adored ! How were they made
    before there was all the machinery ?

  4. The highest quality spurs and bits available. The passion of his style and
    workmanship is reflected in each bit and spurs. No other can match Tom
    Balding’s Bits and Spurs. They are available at Burns Saddlery.

  5. I use a TomBalding snaffle, too and it works really good. But what I was
    wondering: is really every single bit and spur handcrafted by Tom? Would be
    interesting to know. Very nice handcraft though

  6. I’m still in the shop working everyday. A lot of my time is spent problem
    solving, designing, building tooling. I have a lot of special bits and
    spurs that I do all by myself. I give all the tours, so if your ever in
    Sheridan Wyoming be sure to stop in…. Tom

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