Treat Female Hair Loss w/ LaserCap at Home on TheDoctors TV with Dr Alan J Bauman

http://www.844gethair.com – Female hair loss sufferer, JoAnn, contacted The Doctors with hair thinning and hair shedding concerns. For millions of women hair…

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  1. Hair loss is a common concern for men and women because, for many, hair is
    an important sign of beauty and youth. We’ve successfully used laser
    therapy (LLLT) for thousands of patients at Bauman Medical Group. Recently,
    I was invited on the Emmy Award winning TV show, The Doctors, to help a
    viewer who had contacted the show regarding increased hair shedding and
    hair loss and was brave enough to be a guest on the show to discuss her
    hair loss. We donated a LaserCap to her and we discussed the mechanism of
    action of laser therapy on the hair follicles to improve hair growth
    without drugs, chemicals or side effects.
    Clinical trials on laser therapy and hair loss are ongoing. If you would
    like to be notified about future hair growth clinical trials and have a
    chance to receive a FREE LaserCap (or other treatment) and hair loss
    evaluation, visit 844gethair.com or call 1-844-get-hair toll free from
    anywhere in the US. 

  2. Where are you located? I have residences in Las Vegas and Chicago northern
    suburbs. Did this woman have a wig on? If that’s considered bad hair, then
    I’m a travesty. Her hair looks perfectly fine to me! Some of us should be
    so lucky.

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